"I'm innocent! Innocent, I say! Besides, that cur had it coming. I was morally obligated to end his miserable life."
―Simone Brousseau[src]

Simone Brousseau is a Breton residing in the Crossroads Encampment, Craglorn.


"Beat one rotten soldier to death and you're ostracized for life."

Are you a deserter? "Well, it was either desertion or beheading—at least, I think the punishment is beheading. It's tough to keep track of the Covenant's latest methods of execution. My lieutenant beat a private to death with a bucket once. That was pretty creative."
What did you do to deserve a beheading? "Remember that story about the guy beating another guy to death with a bucket? I killed that guy ... with a tent stake. Mostly because I couldn't find a bucket. I love irony. Oh well, life's full of missed opportunities."
That sounds pretty intense. "Intense? Perhaps. But I made the world a better place. Too bad the army doesn't see it that way. I've got real leadership potential ... just ask around. Except Deleren. Don't ask him. He's a miserable pig. Say ... do you have a bucket I can borrow?"


  • "I left the army behind me and I have no regrets. No regrets at all!"


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