Sinkhole Cave is a cave located northwest of the Imperial City along the coast of City Isle. It has two main areas, the entrance, and the Sinkhole Great Hall.



Upon entering the cave, the Hero will come to a 90 degree bend to the left. Here there is a log swing trap that comes down from the ceiling. One can avoid this by sticking close to the walls on either side.

Bandit CampEdit

Outside of the entrance to the cave there is a bandit and a bandit bowman, both of which are relativley easy to defeat. Aside from what one can loot from their bodies there are some low-value items scattered around, as well as several beds.

Large ChamberEdit

In the center is a lowered area with another Bandit Camp. There is hammer toting Bandit, as well as a mace of numbing Bandit here. There is an easy level locked chest here with some gold inside. In this lowered area there is a door to the lower area of the Sinkhole Great Hall.

To the NE, there is a tunnel with some weak enemies inside (Rats, Mudcrabs). There is a trap in here. At the end there is a door also leading to the upper area of the Sinkhole Great Hall.

Sinkhole Great HallEdit

Lower AreaEdit

Tunnel leads down into an area. If the bandits above notice your presence below they will trigger the Falling Log Trap. This could cause serious damage if caught in it.

A few random lesser enemies reside here, (most are killed if the trap was triggered). Bandits may fall from the cliffs above (upper area). There are a few chests and sacks (random misc. item loot) but nothing of great worth.

Upper AreaEdit

While exploring this area, one will notice several areas where wooden planks are laid across the gaps in the floor. These planks will degrade with each travel across them, and eventually break and fall to the lower level with the Hero on top of them if one is not fast enough getting across them. Jump across them if their acrobatics skill is high enough to make the distance.


  • Chest located in the northwest corner with some nice items. Loot is Leveled with occasional magical items inside.



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