Siphoning is a Nightblade skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate SkillsEdit

  • Soul Shred: Nearby enemies take __ Magic damage and are stunned for __ seconds. An ally may activate the Soul Leech synergy initiating a high damage life-stealing attack.

Active SkillsEdit

  • Strife: Deals __ Magic damage and heals player for __% of damage inflicted, every __ seconds for __ seconds.
  • Agony: Stuns enemy for __ seconds, effect is broken by damage from any source. After effect ends enemy take __ Magic damage over __ seconds.
  • Cripple: Siphons movement speed from enemy and gives it to player while dealing __ Magic damage over __ seconds. Unlocked at Siphoning Rank 20
  • Siphoning Strikes: While toggled, basic weapon attacks restore __% Magicka and Stamina, but reduces Weapon and Spell Damage by __%. __% chance on basic weapon attacks to restore __ Magicka and Stamina. Unlocked at Siphoning Rank 30
  • Drain Power: Debuff the attack power of nearby enemies, transferring a portion of that power to the player for each affected enemy.

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Catalyst: Increases potion effectiveness.
  • Magicka Flood: Increases maximum magicka when the player has a Siphoning ability slotted.
  • Soul Siphoner: Increases healing taken by Siphoning abilities.
  • Transfer: Gain ultimate when dealing damage with a Siphoning ability.


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