"You redeemed my soul from the evil that had ensnared me. For that I am forever in your debt."
―Sir Berich[src]

Sir Berich Vlindrel (or simply referred to as Sir Berich) was a member of the old Knights of the Nine.


After the founding of the Knights of the Nine, many great and respected knights joined the order, its fame peaked near the time Berich joined and found two of the lost relics.

However, the War of the Red Diamond started in 3E 121, drawing many of the knights into the war, despite the best efforts of Sir Amiel.

Sir Berich decided to leave for the war, and take the Sword of the Crusader and Greaves of the Crusader with him. While leaving he was stopped by Sir Caius who argued with Amiel about not taking the sword into battle. Berich then baited Caius knowing he would draw his weapon, when he did Berich cut him down on the Priory steps. He then left for the war and became a darker person.

After the warEdit

In 3E 127, Berich returned a war hero, becoming an important figure in the empire. At this point he had little love for his own comrades, most of who by this point either died in the war or in search of relics, or had left the dying order.

It is unclear what happened afterwards, what is known is that he grew into a dark and angry person, full of hatred and spite, this anger held him even after death and bound him to this world.


As a wraith, he not only became evil, but he corrupted the holy sword while the greaves simply became a reminder of his old life. His name itself was forgotten and replaced by the rumors and legends of him haunting the Orange Road.

These rumors brought Sir Roderic and his squire Lathon to his hideout in Underpall Cave in the hopes of freeing the relics and the soul of the lost knight. Berich killed Sir Roderic who held him off while Lathon escaped with the greaves.

Lathon returned later with the new Knight Commander to again attempt to get the sword. After a great battle the Knight Commander struck a killing blow on Berich.

Berich is seen by the commander later in the undercroft of the Priory of the Nine, freed from his anger and spite. He thanks the commander for freeing him and allowing him to once again stand beside his comrades.


The Sword of the CrusaderEdit

After collecting all the other Crusader relics: the Boots, Gauntlets, Helm, Cuirass, Shield, and the Mace, the Hero returns to the Priory of the Nine.


Show: Priory of the Nine
Inside the Priory of the Nine:

"You redeemed my soul from the evil that had ensnared me. For that I am forever in your debt. The old bitterness that seemed so important to me in life -- what is that now? How to weigh that against my very soul?"

Knights of the Nine "The Knights of the Nine stand together once again. I would not have thought it possible. We owe you a great debt."
Sir Caius "The evil that took hold of me the day that I slew Sir Caius on the Priory steps. I baited him, knowing his temper, and then I killed him when he drew against me. I killed him in cold blood, with the holy Sword itself! I could have disarmed him or wounded him. But a cold pride had taken hold of me, and so I slew him, and went to war, and never returned. The evil grew upon me until I became cruel, a tyrranical ruler, a terror upon the land. In death, evil held me even tighter than in life. Thanks to you, that all is behind me. Sir Caius and I will go to Aetherius side by side, as of old. The gods are truly merciful."
Sword of the Crusader "I took the Sword down with me into evil. You have redeemed us both. The gods smile on such deeds, noble knight."

"May the Nine guide your way."



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