Sir Colbois Bachand is a Breton member of the Knights of Saint Pelin. He is found at the Bangkorai Garrison.


"The Order of St. Pelin thanks you for your aid here at the Garrison, traveler. We owe you a great debt."

You don't look much like a knight. "You refer to my garb, I suspect. Not all knights are bedecked in glistening plate armor, my friend. True knighthood is measured by the steel within, not the steel without."
I've seen others in your order clad in heavy armor. "The Order of St. Pelin is diverse. We have many responsibilities. We are tasked with defending the realm through force of arms, but we are also called to acts of charity. My duties as a Knight Medicus lean towards the latter."
Knight Medicus? "Quite so. We heal the sick and tend to the poor. Our dedication to St. Pelin's ideals may be more literal than some others, but all of us, Knights Beligerus or Medicus, are devoted to both the people and the realm."
Did you fight during the siege? "Before, during, and after. We are warriors all. I admit, though, it's good to sheathe the sword and take up the salve. It's what I'm best at.


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