"The proud city of Daggerfall greets you. Can I help you with something?"
―Sir Lanis[src]

Sir Lanis Shaldon is a Breton member of the Lion Guard. He is the commanding officer of the Lion Guard Redoubt outside Camlorn.


On to GlenumbraEdit

After the actions made in the previous quest, Chief Tazgol has been convinced to join the Daggerfall Covenant. He ordered Captain Kaleen to sail to Daggerfall.

Mists of CorruptionEdit

Sir Lanis and the Knights of the Dragon are ready to march into Cath Bedraud to deal with Angof the Gravesinger, but the mist from Angof's vines creates a hazard they can't overcome.

The LabyrinthEdit

The final battle against Angof begins. The Vestige must get inside and navigate the labyrinth of catacombs to find a safe place for Gabrielle and the soldiers to teleport into.

Angof the GravesingerEdit

Darien discovered that we need three shard-keys to open the three looks that protect Angof's inner sanctum.


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