"Blood of the Forebears! Angof's minions are relentless."
―Sir Malik Nasir[src]

Sir Malik Nasir is a Redguard member of the Lion Guard who may be found in Merovec's Folly in Glenumbra. During the quest "The Corpse Horde" he will relocate to the Lion Guard Redoubt.


The Corpse HordeEdit

The Vestige encounters Malik, an injured Lion Guard soldier, in the cave of Merovec's Folly. He wishes to stop the Bloodthorn Cultists from desecrating the bodies his deceased companions, but cannot prevent it himself due to his injury. Because of this, he will task the Vestige with stopping them for him.


  • "Bloodthorns desecrate the Lion Guard soldiers killed in the ruins. They raise them as zombies!. If you use my sacred emblem, you can sanctify the corpses. That will prevent them from being raised as undead."


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