"I am Sir Thedret. I came here seeking the Shield of the Crusader, and was ambushed by these... these cowards. They've held me here since."
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Sir Thedret is a Redguard crusader found in Fort Bulwark by the Hero while searching for the Shield of the Crusader.


Sir Thedret had entered the fort a few weeks earlier also looking for the shield, but was caught by the mages inside who want the shield for their own use. They took his weapons and armor and locked him up, releasing him only to torture him in the hopes of getting information about the traps ahead. They were unable to get anything from him and were planning to kill him soon when the Hero showed up.

If released from his cell he will share some knowledge about one of the puzzles and head out of the fort. He states that he is too weak to be of any help and will rejoin the Hero when he can.

After the Hero returns to the Priory of the Nine with the Shield, they will find Sir Thedret dressed in the standard Knight of the Nine Cuirass with the matching shield, stating that he will join the Knights of the Nine and fight the new enemy threatening the Nine.

He will join the Knight Commander with the rest of the knights in the battle at Garlas Malatar and will fight through the never ending wave of Aurorans so the Hero can make his way to Umaril and slay him, body and soul.

After the battle, the Hero will re-awaken in the under-croft of the Priory, after speaking with the spirit of Sir Amiel Lannus Thedret will come down to see what the noise is. He will explain that after the battle they found the Hero's body next to Umaril's, unwounded but lifeless, they had assumed that they had killed each other and moved the Commander's body, secretly, as to not draw unwanted attention from their enemies. After talking, he will state that it is by the grace of the Nine that the Hero is alive again and will rush to tell the other knights.

After the battle, he will return to the day-to-day duties of running the priory and will follow the Hero if asked.


Wisdom of the AgesEdit

The Hero has answered the call and has set forth to find the remaining Relics of the Crusader. At the Priory of the Nine, they have discovered from Sir Henrik that the Shield is located in the Fort Bulwark which is along the Cyrodiil-Black Marsh border, a distant east of the Shrine of Nocturnal.

The Blessing of TalosEdit

Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

After receiving the Blessing of Talos and the promoting of Knights, it is time to face Umaril the Unfeathered at Garlas Malatar. The Prophet has marked the keep where he is hiding.


Show: Wisdom of the Ages
Inside Fort Bulwark:

"Thank you for rescuing me. I've lost track of how long they've held me here."

Who are you? "I am Sir Thedret. I came here seeking the Shield of the Crusader, and was ambushed by these... these cowards. They've held me here since."
What are you doing here? "I've been held prisoner by these scoundrels for the longest time. They want to know how to reach the Shield, and believed I would help them. When I refused, they locked me here, and only let me out to torture me. They got nothing from me."
Can you help me? "I can't go with you, if that's what you mean. I'm too weak... I need to rest. Once I have my strength, I will certainly join your cause. You'll have to go on alone. But the knowledge I've gained may be of use to you."
What do you know? "Before finding this place, I learned a bit about those who created it. It's designed to keep the Shield hidden and safe. A phrase kept coming up in the writings I found: "When the eyes of the Guardians are upon you, Julianos will show you favor." I'm not sure how, but I just know it's a clue for making it safely through these ruins. You're the only one I have told. I hope it helps you."

If approached again:

"I must get out of this pit, and get myself some rest. We'll meet again, don't worry."

At the Priory of the Nine:

"Did I not say we would meet again? I am here, and ready to serve. I will join your order, and together we will fight this new threat against the Nine. Glory to the Nine!"

If approached again:

"I am at your service, Commander."

Knights of the Nine "It is an honor to serve under you, Crusader."
Umaril "Leyawiin has been attacked by Umaril's minions! Something must be done to stop him!"
Umaril "Now that he has attacked Leyawiin, it is clear that no Chapel is safe from his wrath."


Show: The Blessing of Talos
Outside the Priory of the Nine:

"Lord Crusader! The Prophet is here -- he's just arrived! He seemed to know you were coming... told me to wait for you. And here you are! Come. He is preaching to the assembled Knights in the Chapel. You should speak to him at once."

If approached again:

"The Prophet has arrived. He is preaching to the assembled Knights in the Chapel. You should speak to him at once."

Show: Umaril the Unfeathered
Inside the Priory of the Nine:

"Lord Crusader! How can this be? You... you're alive! It's a miracle! I heard voices in the undercroft and I came to investigate... You vanished in Garlas Malatar. After the battle, we searched further into the ruin and found you next to Umaril's corpse. You had no wounds on your body, but you were dead. I saw it with my own eyes -- you did not draw breath! We laid you to rest in the undercroft... we kept your death a secret. We feared what would happen if our enemies thought you were dead."

The wonders of the Nine are many. "Indeed they are... We knew you had succeeded in destroying Umaril's physical form, but it seemed that you had met the same fate as Pelinal Whitestrake. Tell me... was Umaril destroyed?"
Even death cannot stop the Crusader. "I can see that! I... you'll have to excuse me... I need a moment to collect my thoughts... We found Umaril's body next to yours, but it seemed that you had met the same fate as Pelinal Whitestrake. We didn't know... Tell me... Umaril... what happened? Did you succeed in pursuing him into the spirit realm, as the Prophet said?"
I have severed his very soul. "Then he is destroyed! We've won -- and you're alive! I have to tell the others!"
Of course. I destroyed him utterly. "I never doubted you, Crusader. But I must tell the others that you're alive!"

If approached again:

"Come with me! We have to tell everyone that you're alive!"


Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

Thedret: "Knights of the Nine, hear me! Today we have witnessed undeniable proof of the strength and the might of the gods we serve! Slain in battle with the dread Umaril, by the grace and mercy of the Nine, the Crusader lives again! How can this be, you ask? What of our foe? What has become of Umaril the Unfeathered? Umaril has been slain by the Crusader! His very spirit cast into the void and destroyed for all eternity -- he will never rise again. Let us give thanks to the Nine! By their power, the Crusader has rid the world of Umaril forever! Hail the Lord Crusader!"
Areldur: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Avita: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Brellin: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Carodus: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Geirmund: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Gukimir: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Lathon: "Hail! Hail! Hail!"



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