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"Skeevers are large, rat-like creatures that make their nests in caves, sewers, and underground warrens, etc. While easy to kill, they can be a challenge in groups, and carry debilitating diseases."
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Skeevers are large rodents commonly found across Skyrim. They make their nests in caves, sewers, the wilderness and underground warrens, yet they can also be found in other places. While they are easy to kill, they can be challenging in groups. They carry and transmit the Ataxia disease.


In the popular opinion, Skeevers are seen as bringers of death and are commonly deemed pests. They are usually associated with Peryite, the Daedric Prince of pests. Skeevers, with crows, are considered creatures of Arkay, the Divine of death and resurrection.

Most residents of the northern country consider skeevers pests and vermin. There is also evidence that Skeevers have recently evolved, as the owner of The Winking Skeever in Solitude claims that the beasts used to be smaller—enough so that he had one as a pet.


Venomfang skeever – A variety of skeever that can cause poisoning.



  • Skeevers appear to be a favorite source of food for Frostbite Spiders, as their corpses can often be found in their webs. The same applies to Giants, evident by the charred corpses of Skeevers often found roasting above their campfires.
  • If Hearthfire has been installed and a cellar has been built for a homestead, Skeevers can sometimes infest them. If there are any adopted children in the home, one may say they are afraid to go into the cellar, which means the Dragonborn must eradicate them. The homestead's steward will also comment on some noises coming from the cellar.
  • Also in Hearthfire, an adopted child may come home claiming a skeever has been following them, they will then proceed to ask if they can keep it. If the Dragonborn agrees, the skeever (smaller than average and called Biter), will live in the Dragonborn's home, until it is killed. Biter requires no upkeep and can not be interacted with.


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