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Skeletal Warriors are enemies first encountered by the Vestige in the opening quest, "Soul Shriven in Coldharbour," as well as several other locations.


Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

The Skeletal Warriors can be found in the Undercroft of The Wailing Prison, along with Skeletal Archers, Skeletal Pyromancers, and Skeletal Ravagers. Unlike the Child of Bones or Vaekar the Forgemaster, they can be completely avoided to finish the quest.

Tears of the Two MoonsEdit

A number of skeletons will guard the courtyard of the Temple of the Mourning Springs. The ones here can throw projectiles as well as use melee, but are randomly spawned between three variations: Skeletal Archers, Skeletal Cryomancers, and Skeletal Warriors. Uldor will also summon several of them to fight the Vestige during his ritual. once the quest is complete, the skeletons will be replaced by friendly ghosts.



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