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Skeletons are undead that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. Their skills and abilities vary greatly between which location they are at.


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Halls of TormentEdit


Jumping Ship (Bangkorai)Edit


Keeper of BonesEdit


Riches Beyond MeasureEdit


Scales of RetributionEdit


Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

Several generic skeletons, including Skeletal Ravagers, Skeletal Pyromancers, Skeletal Archers, and Skeletal Warriors guard the Undercroft of the Wailing Prison, and stand in the way of getting to the Prophet.

Tears of the Two MoonsEdit

Skeletal Archers, Skeletal Warriors, and Skeletal Cryomancers will reside in the temple courtyard. The variation is randomly selected upon spawn, and so the enemies will be different each time an area is visited. When Uldor summons skeletons to kill the Vestige, they will be significantly weaker than the ones outside, and can be killed by other players for the same outcome of the quest. Once the quest has been completed, the skeletons at the temple will become ghosts, who can be talked to.

The Fallen City of ShadaEdit


What Waits Beneath (Bleakrock Isle)Edit




Generic Skeletons:



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