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The following is a list of skill books that increase specific skills in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. There are 109 skill books in total: 5 for most skills; 6 for Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Heavy Armor; and 4 for Speechcraft. Reading the book once permanently increases a specific skill by one point.

Skill BooksEdit



A Dance in Fire, Book I

A Dance in Fire, Book IV

The Black Arrow, Book I

Mystery of Talara, Book I - Two Sides of the Coin

  • Looted from boss-level bandits and vampires. You can also get it as a reward from the quest Two Sides of the Coin
  • In the Shivering Isles, on top of an outdoor chest that is on the crest of a steep-sided ridge west and slightly north of Dire Warren.


Song of the Alchemists

A Game at Dinner

Mannimarco, King of Worms

De Rerum Dirennis

Calcinator Treatise


Daughter of the Niben

  • Third floor of Skingrad Mages Guild on a bookshelf in the Room east of the door, smallest book on second shelf.

The Dragon Break

  • Shelf in a table on second floor of Dovyn Aren's house in Elven Gardens District. The table is on the wall opposite to the bed and to the right of the bed, below a tapestry. The book is on top of a copy of the Followers of the Gray Fox, which must be taken before interaction with the book is possible.

Reality & Other Falsehoods

  • Shelf on second floor of Southern Books in Leyawiin. The shelf is in the section of the room to your right as you enter the second floor. It is the shelf to the left of the pillar. The book is on the top shelf, lying horizontally. It is likely you will have to jump to see/access it.

The Lunar Lorkhan



The Armorer's Challenge

Last Scabbard of Akrash

Light Armor Repair

Cherim's Heart of Anequina

Heavy Armor Repair

  • Looted randomly from Marauder chests and tombs


The Ransom of Zarek

A Dance in Fire, Book III

The Red Kitchen Reader

  • Anvil in Anvil Castle, desk in Baeralorn's bedroom in private quarters. When you enter the private quarters area, turn right and follow the hall, the locked door is the Baeralorn's bedroom, the door does not tell you that.


The Argonian Account, Book I

  • Given as a random quest reward. One of the easiest ways to obtain this book then is to do a quest like Bear Season (which gives only combat skill books), save before getting the quest reward and reload until you are given this book.
  • In Hrotanda Vale, inside an Ayleid coffer in a secret room with two wraiths (might be random loot).


Words and Philosophy

2920, vol 01 - Morning Star

Song Of Hrormir

Fire and Darkness

Battle of Sancre Tor


The Warp in the West

Death Blow of Abernanit

  • Anvil Fighters Guild, in a chest on top of a dresser in a locked second floor bedroom off the dining hall.

The Mirror

A Dance in Fire, Book II



Night Falls on Sentinel

  • In Goblin Jim's Cave, turn left at the entrance, go down the hallway turn right and go down the long hallway that leads to the dead end, its on the top shelf on one of the shelves (there are alchemy tools in the room)

Mace Etiquette

  • A possible reward from the mission Bear Season.
  • Random Loot

The Legendary Sancre Tor

  • Chorrol – On the third floor of Vilena Donton's house, located on a shelf near the balcony door (must be stolen).

The Importance of Where



Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1

The Doors of Oblivion

Liminal Bridges

2920, vol 09 - Hearth Fire

2920, vol 10 - Frostfall

The Warrior's Charge


The Horrors of Castle Xyr

  • Third floor of Bravil Mages Guild on the bookshelf right in front of you when you enter the door, large dark red book, in the second shelf leaning to the right.

Response to Bero's Speech

Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2

A Hypothetical Treachery

  • Castle Skingrad, on bottom shelf in bedroom of Lord's Manor laying alone in the far north west corner past the bed and the pillar.

The Art of War Magic

  • Leafrot Cave on a shelf in a room just after entrance around the alchemy equipment

Mystery of Talara, Book III


Immortal Blood

Master Zoaraym's Tale

Ahzirr Traajijazeri

The Wolf Queen, v 2

Way of the Exposed Palm

  • Fieldhouse Cave in the Black Balconies of Fieldhouse in the south-westernnmost little enclave under a huge Cairn Bolete mushroom. It is a small room with a lot of roots coming out from the ceiling.

Heavy ArmorEdit

Hallgerd's Tale

2920, Mid Year (v6)


  • Imperial City in the Imperial Legion Compound, inside a shelf at the barracks of the Imperial Legion Offices.

How Orsinium Passed to Orcs

History of the Fighters Guild

  • Fort Homestead, outside the Imperial City. Found inside a chest in the dungeon's last room. (This appears to be a random skillbook; you may also find another title in this chest rather than the History of the Fighters Guild.)
  • In Battlehorn Castle (requires purchase of the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in) after you purchased the Battlehorn Bedroom or Battlehorn Library Area upgrade from Nilphas Omellian

Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed.


Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3

  • Purchase in First Edition in Market District as part of the Main Quest. You can also get two copies of it in the Dagon Shrine which is also a part of the Main Quest
  • If you are too late to purchase the book, Gwinas may have already bought the book. You will have to persuade or steal from Gwinas to get the book back.
  • There is a copy in the Mythic Dawn base in the sewers where you meet the Sponsor

The Wolf Queen, v 3

The Argonian Account, Book III

Incident in Necrom

Palla, Book I

Mystery of Talara, Book IV

Light ArmorEdit

The Refugees

  • Imperial City Market District First Edition bookstore – On a bookshelf to your left.

Lord Jornibret's Last Dance

The Rear Guard

Ice and Chitin

Rislav The Righteous


A Dance in Fire, Book V

The Gold Ribbon of Merit

Vernaccus and Bourlor

Father of the Niben

  • Castle Bravil Lord's Manor, North Wing. In the room at the end of the hall.

The Black Arrow, v 2


A Dance in Fire, Book VI

A Dance in Fire, Book VII

The Wolf Queen, v 4

The Buying Game

2920, vol 07 - Sun's Height

  • Found in the Black Horse Courier building, in the Market District, on top of a desk in the back corner.


Before the Ages of Man

The Black Arts On Trial

Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4

The Firsthold Revolt

2920, vol 02 - Sun's Dawn

Souls, Black and White



  • Library in Leyawiin Mages Guild, Second Floor-East. Through the left entrance, south wall on the narrow high bookshelf, top shelf. The green book.

Notes on Racial Phylogeny

The Exodus

2920, vol 04 - Rain's Hand

Mystery of Talara, Book II


The Locked Room

The Wolf Queen, v 1

Proper Lock Design

Advances in Lockpicking

Surfeit of Thieves


Sacred Witness

The Wolf Queen, v 6

2920, vol 08 - Last Seed

Legend of Krately House

Purloined Shadows

  • Random Loot


Biography of the Wolf Queen

The Wolf Queen, v 5

2920, vol 05 - Second Seed

The Wolf Queen, v 7

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