"Located in the heart of the West Weald highlands, Skingrad is the gem of Old Colovia, and a model of the Colovian virtues of independence, hardwork, and tough-mindedness."
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Skingrad is one of the nine major cities located in the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil.

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Skingrad's main entrance is the western gate there is a path leading from here to the northern half of the city. On the other side of the gate, another path leads to Castle Skingrad. Past the gate, Skingrad's physical geography is unique among Cyrodilic cities for the Gold Road does not merely go through Skingrad, but it is at the bottom of a canyon between the two districts of the city that divides it into a northern half and a southern half. There are no entrances to the city from the canyon and the two halves are connected by a bridge at the west and east ends.

Northern Skingrad is where the merchants and tradesmen are located. The guilds are located on the western side toward the entrance, and the merchants are located more inward. Southern Skingrad is the residential district and the home of the Great Chapel of Julianos.

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First Era[edit | edit source]

A Statue of Rislav the Righteous.

Rislav Larich, otherwise known as Rislav the Righteous, was born in 1E 448 to King Mhorus and Queen Lynada of Skingrad. In 1E 472, the Kingdoms of Skingrad and Kvatch fought over common territories in Colovia. After hostilities ceased, Rislav was married to Belene, the daughter of King Justinius of Kvatch, possibly as a gesture of peace between the two nations. In 1E 478, a plague swept into Cyrodiil, killing off many people throughout the Colovian West. Mhorus and all of Rislav's siblings died out, except for Dorald Larich, who was in the Imperial City as a Marukh. Dorald traveled to Skingrad to reclaim the throne and bring the worship of the Alessian Order into the city. Dorald's first act was to have Skingrad annexed by the Alessian Empire.[1]

The reaction to this decree was shock and outrage, especially in the Kvatch court where Rislav was. Rislav went to Skingrad with his wife and several calvaries from his father-in-law to fight his brother. Rislav eventually won Skingrad back and seceded from the Alessian Empire. Gorieus caught wind of this and led the Alessian Army to Skingrad to fight Rislav's army. As Rislav had no military experience and Colovian West had just suffered a plague, the battle was expected to be an easy victory for Gorieus. Rislav, however, was able to outsmart Gorieus' army, and the kingdoms of Colovian West banded together to fight the dwindling Alessian Empire. This was the start of the fall of the Alessian Empire. Rislav is remembered as a valiant hero in Skingrad.[1]

Second Era[edit | edit source]

Before the fall of the Reman Empire, each Emperor had an Akaviri advisor known as a Potentate. Emperor Brazollus Dor, who lived on his estate in Skingrad, was seen by some as an uninvolved and unqualified leader. Dor's Potentate, Sidri-Ashak, was more involved in politics, but his political history was overshadowed by Versidue Shaie.[UL 1]

During the Colovian Revolt of 2E 576, Count Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol drew support from Colovian regions, including Skingrad. In 2E 582, Count Calantius of Skingrad and the Elder Council started an initiative to take control of the Arenthia Vale and make it the South Weald, while still managing to keep the city out of the Alliance War.[UL 2]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

Main article: Skingrad (Oblivion)

Count Janus Hassildor of Skingrad.

In 3E 433, Skingrad prospered, along with the other eight cities in Cyrodiil. The city was under the leadership of a vampire named Count Janus Hassildor, a private yet powerful man in both politics and magic.[2]

In the very late third era, Mehrunes Dagon launched the Oblivion Crisis. An Oblivion Gate opened up outside of Skingrad, which when closed by the Hero of Kvatch, allowed them to recruit troops from Skingrad to aid in repulsing the attack on Bruma later on.[3][4]

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]

In 4E 174, the city of Skingrad, along with the town of Bravil, was captured by the Third Aldmeri Dominion during the Great War. At the Battle of the Red Ring, the Imperial Legion was surrounded on all fronts and showed bitter resistance toward the invading Altmer. General Jonna and General Decianus fought Lord Naarifin's army and the Dominion counterattack coming from Bravil. The battle was won by the Mede Empire, but many felt that the Dominion were the true victors after the signing of the White-Gold Concordat.[5]

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