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"Visitors aint't allowed down heres."
―Skingrad Jailor[src]

Skingrad Jailor is an Imperial member of the City Watch in the city of Skingrad.


Lost Histories[]



Lost Histories

"Visitors aint't allowed down heres."

Will 50 gold open that door? "Naw. But it will earn ya two years in Skingrad's dungeon. Now get lost before I decide to report ya."
Work in Castle Skingrad "I heard that Shum gro-Yarug is looking to hire. He's the butler of the Count. Go speak to him."
Shum gro-Yarug "He doesn't leave Castle Skingrad often. At ten he heads to the West Weald Inn. Then at noon he goes to the Colovian Trader."


After getting a job in the castle:

"Out of the way slop drudge."
"What do you want, Slop Drudge?"

Open the door. I'm the slop drudge. "They oughta just give you guys a key. But no. I have to keep locking and unlocking the door for the slop drudges. Follow me."

"You should get back to work."

After learning about the Pale Lady:

"What do you want, Slop Drudge?"

The Pale Lady "Mina? You don't want to go asking about her. She... um... interviews prisoners. She isn't one to be crossed."