"Visitors aint't allowed down heres."
―Skingrad Jailor[src]

Skingrad Jailor is an Imperial member of the City Watch in the city of Skingrad.


Lost HistoriesEdit



Lost Histories

"Visitors aint't allowed down heres."

Will 50 gold open that door? "Naw. But it will earn ya two years in Skingrad's dungeon. Now get lost before I decide to report ya."
Work in Castle Skingrad "I heard that Shum gro-Yarug is looking to hire. He's the butler of the Count. Go speak to him."
Shum gro-Yarug "He doesn't leave Castle Skingrad often. At ten he heads to the West Weald Inn. Then at noon he goes to the Colovian Trader."


After getting a job in the castle:

"Out of the way slop drudge."
"What do you want, Slop Drudge?"

Open the door. I'm the slop drudge. "They oughta just give you guys a key. But no. I have to keep locking and unlocking the door for the slop drudges. Follow me."

"You should get back to work."

After learning about the Pale Lady:

"What do you want, Slop Drudge?"

The Pale Lady "Mina? You don't want to go asking about her. She... um... interviews prisoners. She isn't one to be crossed."


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