"Well, it's a bit rugged. Nothing like the Arcane University. Have to go to the Imperial City to buy anything. But it's good enough, I suppose."
Vigge the Cautious[src]

The Skingrad Mages Guild is located on the north side of town across from Colovian Traders. The morning glory around the main entrance can be harvested daily.

The Skingrad Mages Guild specializes in Destruction magic. Trainers and merchants specializing in this skill can be found here. Adrienne Berene, a blonde Breton, leads the guild hall and is an Evoker of the guild itself.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

The sleeping quarters of the Skingrad Mages Guild contains many clothing items, which can be enchanted upon gaining access to the Arcane University. The upper level contains an entire bookcase of uncommon potion ingredients.

Several novice apparatuses can also be found, which can be sold to All Things Alchemical or Colovian Traders nearby for decent Gold at the start of the game.

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