Not to be confused with Skjor.
"Skjorta. Nord Winds. We've got clothes and armor. And I've got a headache, so keep your voices down, please."

Skjorta quote

Skjorta is a Nord merchant who works at the Nord Winds, a store in Bruma. She buys and sells clothing and has 1,000 GoldIcon to bargain with.


  • "Hafid Hollowleg says that Jerall View Inn has been doing good business."
  • "We drink because we're happy. We're Nords. It's just the thick tongue and fat head the day after that makes me unhappy."


  • Skjorta means "shirt" in Swedish and Norwegian.
  • She can be encountered in town at night, drunk.
  • She should sell the unique Councilor's Hood, but the developers accidentally gave ownership of this item to S'Krivva, whose name is next in the game's list of characters.


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