Skorm Snow-Strider was commander of a legion of Lord Harald's soldiers in 1E 139. Around this time he was leading a campaign in the region near Lake Honrich, to drive the Snow Elves north to the main host of his forces.[1]

During his campaign, he inadvertently discovered a hidden stronghold of Dragon Cultists in the secluded monastery of Forelhost high in the Jerall Mountains. Deciding it was too big a threat to ignore, his men attempted a preemptive strike to deal with the cult quickly, but it failed and a siege ensued for several weeks.

With the help of a voice master, the main gate was breached. The cultist retreated into the interior of the monastery and collapsed the main stairway to block access to the refectory. Eventually, Skorm took the fortress but discovered the cultists had committed mass suicide, either by poison or slitting their wrists.

Within the catacombs they discovered a well, with several buckets already filled. Several thirsty soldiers drank the water, not knowing that it had been poisoned by the cultists, and died. Demoralized and now at half their original strength, Skorm abandoned the search for any cultist survivors and left the monastery to push his forces north the next day.[1]


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