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"The superstitious Nords revere the ancient Dragon Temples whose arches jut from the peaks like stony ribs. They associate these places with events of the distant past. Skuldafn is one of the greatest of these temples, and thus one of the most sacred."
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Skuldafn is an Ancient Nordic temple in the region of Eastmarch, located in the province of Skyrim. Skuldafn holds the only gateway to Sovngarde, which is the Nordic afterlife. When Skuldafn was under the occupation of the Dragon Cult, it was governed by Nahkriin.

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Skuldafn is situated deep within the Velothi Mountains, making it highly inaccessible from the rest of Skyrim. During the Second Era, there was a passage that led to Skuldafn near Mzulft, though it is currently unavailable. Skuldafn is a large temple with a Dragon Mound on the outskirts. Inside the Mound is the hidden passage. Across it is the temple, with several levels. Throughout the temple are large towers and the typical Nordic arches. Aqueducts run over the streets. The tombs eventually led to the top level that overlooks the entire Skuldafn valley. The top of Skuldafn is a large courtyard that has a large pit. This pit leads into Sovngarde, but only Nahkriin's Staff can activate it.


Second Era[]

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, Fildgor Orcthane waged civil war with the Ebonheart Pact under the Stormfist Brigade. Fildgor fled to Skuldafn to seek out his deceased sister so that the Crown of Freydis would recognize him as the High King. He would retrieve the spirit of Nurnhilde by trespassing into Sovngarde. The Ebonheart Pact followed suit, encountering the Stormfist at Sovngarde. Using the hidden passage, the Ebonheart Pact had entered Skuldafn. Under the command of Thane Mera Stormcloak, an Agent of the Pact had burned the Stormfist's stockpile, weakening their forces. The Agent had light the signal fires, prompting the Pact to attack the Stormfist. Once Fildgor entered Sovngarde, the Agent followed him and defeated him before he could reach the Hall of Valor. The Agent decided his fate. After the battle, the leaders of the Pact convened at Skuldafn for the Great Moot. The Nords offered the Crown of Freydis, the Dark Elves offered the Judgment of Veloth, and the Argonians offered the Mnemic Egg. After that, the Pact had been officially set in stone.[1][2]

Fourth Era[]

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During the Skyrim Civil War in 4E 201, Alduin the World-Eater had returned, as foretold in the Elder Scrolls. After a decisive battle at the Throat of the World, Alduin escaped into Skuldafn so that he could enter Sovngarde and eat the endless souls that inhabit the land. Once the Last Dragonborn had captured his esteemed general, Odahviing, they traveled to Skuldafn to defeat the Dragon once and for all. As the Dragonborn traversed Skuldafn, they encountered Nahkriin. They defeated the Dragon Priest and entered Sovngarde, following suit. It was there the Last Dragonborn defeated Alduin and saved Tamriel from his wrath.[3]




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