Skybound Watch Pass is a location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Skybound Watch Pass is an ancient Nordic tunnel that connects North Skybound Watch to South Skybound Watch. The pass can be accessed through doors at both of these locations. The tunnel is of stone construction and passes through the mountain which towers over Riverwood. The tunnel is divided into three sections, separated by iron doors. The passageway slopes downward from the north entrance to the southern one.

Entering North Skybound Watch entrance, you will encounter two bandits, a book shelf and a locked chest as you travel down the hallway to the first door. Beware of the battering ram trap. Passing through the door will bring you into the lair of a Giant Frostbite Spider. The lair is filled with cobwebs, spider sacs and remains of previous meals. After defeating the spider you will come to the second door. Entering the third section of the tunnel will reveal a tunnel with water seeping through the stonework and pulling along the floor. This section is home to three more bandits and a trapped chest. At the end of the hall is a wooden ramp leading up to the door out to South Skybound Watch.

If you enter the pass via South Skybound Watch, one of the two bandits in the northernmost section will stand on the battering ram pressure plate whilst running towards you, killing himself immediately.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Hanging Moss x23 – 2 patches of moss in the south section, 1 patch in the north section.
  • Jazbay Grapes x8 – at top and bottom of wooden stairs near the South Skybound Watch entrance
  • Spider Egg x2 – located in the 2nd room. One on the wall near the table, one on the wall towards the middle.


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