Slave Rebellion is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has survived trying to give Therana a new skirt, Felisa Ulessen will inform the Nerevarine that the slaves at the Abebaal Egg Mine are rebelling. She will therefore ask the Nerevarine to quell the rebels in the mine.

Ending a RebellionEdit

In order to end the Rebellion at Abebaal (northwest of Tel Branora), the Nerevarine is faced with two options: killing their leader, Eleedal-Lei and the majority of the slaves or convincing him to end it by freeing him. If the Nerevarine chooses to kill Eleedal-Lei they will receive the Ring of Fire Storm, and, if they kill all the slaves in the mine, the Ring of Toxic Cloud.

If however, the Nerevarine chooses to free Eleedal-Lei, they will have to obtain the key (either from Therana, the Lower tower of Tel Branora, or in a crate next to the kwama queen in the mine). Once freed Eleedal-Lei will ask to have the key to free the rest of the slaves and, regardless, end the rebellion. This will result in Ulessen teaching the Nerevarine two command spells as a reward. If the Nerevarine is interested in joining the Twin Lamps, all six slaves count as freed even though the Nerevarine only directly frees Eleedal-Lei.


New Clothes
IDJournal Entry
10Mouth Felisa Ulessen asked me to put down a slave rebellion the [sic] Abebaal Egg Mine which is northwest of Tel Branora.
  • Quest accepted
15I agreed to free Eleedal-Lei. I need to find the key to his slave bracers.
50I freed Eleedal-Lei in the Abebaal Egg Mine. He will free the other slaves and guide them back to Black Marsh.
100Mouth Felisa Ulessen thanked me for stopping the slave revolt.
  • Quest Complete
110I told Mouth Felisa Ulessen that the slaves were no longer in the Abebaal Egg Mine.
  • Quest Complete


  • In order to free all of the slaves in the mine, the Nerevarine must give Eleedai-Lei the key.
    • When the Nerevarine returns to the Mine, they will discover a pile of slave bracers, a result of the freed slaves.
  • The Toxic Cloud ring is one of the more powerful non-Daedric objects in Morrowind.
  • No matter which option the Nerevarine chooses, they will receive the same reputation and disposition boosts.

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