For the House Telvanni quest, see Kill Raynasa Rethan.

Slay Raynasa Rethan is a House Redoran quest potentially available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Detailed walkthroughEdit

Having removed the growing Telvanni threat symbolised by Reynel Uvirith, Faral Retheran has one last quest for the Nerevarine to complete for him. Raynasa Rethan, a House Hlaalu noble and owner of Rethan Manor, is the final target on Retheran's list of threats to House Redoran, and requires that the Nerevarine slay him to solve that potential issue.

Killing a Hlaalu NobleEdit

Rethan Manor serves as the House Hlaalu Stronghold on Vvardenfell, located on the Odai Plateau (southwest of Balmora, east of Hla Oad). Rethan can be found in the upstairs area of the Manor, and is well equipped to counter an attack on his life. Once the Nerevarine has slain the Noble, they must return to Retheran to complete the quest.


Slay Raynasa Rethan
IDJournal Entry
10Faral Retheran asked me to slay Raynasa Rethan, the Hlaalu noble of Rethan Manor.
  • Quest accepted
 100 Faral Retheran thanked me for slaying Raynasa Rethan.
  • Quest Complete


  • Rethan Manor is the Stronghold that the Nerevarine could have built if they had joined House Hlaalu.
    • Rethan Manor is actually closer to Hla Oad then Balmora (the common reference point to the Stronghold).
    • This quest has the same overall objective.
  • Rethan and his guards are well equipped to defend the Manor, wielding (between them) a near enough full set of ebony weaponry.

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