"The Sixth House is risen and lord Dagoth is its glory!"

TES3 Sleeper Hasrisen

Sleepers are Dunmer that have fallen under control of Dagoth Ur.


"I am a sleeper, one among thousands. I bring you a message Dagoth Ur calls you, Nerevarine (Player name), and you cannot deny your Lord. The Sixth House is risen, and Dagoth is its glory."

Dagoth Ur "He is the Lord, and Father of the Mountain. He sleeps, but when he wales, we shall rise from our dreams, shall sweep our land clean of the n'wah. Why have you denied him? As Lord Dagoth has said. 'All shall greet him as flesh, or as dust.'"
Sixth House "The Sixth House, the Sleeping House, House Dagoth, the House of Lord Dagoth. The true house, the one house to welcome all true Dunmer, and drive the n'wah from our land. Take heed, outlander. The day of reckoning is at hand. Take what you can, and leave our place, for when Lord Dagoth comes, this will be no place for you."



Sleepers AwakeEdit


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