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Sleeping Giant Inn is a tavern in the town of Riverwood. While Orgnar is the inn's merchant, Delphine serves as proprietor. Its sign depicts the resting head of a giant.

Depending on the outcome of the Civil War, Hadvar or Ralof appear here for the Legion or the Stormcloaks, respectively.



  • Delphine – owner of the inn; one of the last members of The Blades; main questline character.
  • Sven – the bard of Riverwood; performs here every night.
  • Orgnar – the inn's merchant.
  • Hadvar (Imperials)
  • Ralof (Stormcloaks)
  • Embry – the town drunk.


A Blade in the Dark[]

Delphine wants to be met at the inn. In her secret room, she reveals her identity as one of the last surviving Blades.

After the completion of the main quest, the Dragonborn becomes the owner to the "basement room," which has useful chests in which items can be stored. Likewise, items can be taken without accruing a bounty.

The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller[]

Arngeir sends the Dragonborn to Ustengrav, tasked with recovering the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Arriving to find it stolen, the Dragonborn must discover its whereabouts.



  • If the Dragonborn gives a mead or ale to Embry when asked, the entire inn becomes friendly, allowing the player to sleep in the bed for free while still obtaining the Well Rested bonus. Likewise most of the items about the inn can thenceforth be picked up without being considered stealing.
  • When loading a save within a DLC location, e.g. Castle Volkihar, after deactivating said DLC, the Dragonborn will spawn within the Sleeping Giant Inn.


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  •  PC   The Dragonborn may not be able to enter the inn.
  •  PC   360   PS3   The inhabitants may attack the Dragonborn, assuming Sven was attacked.