"I work for Mogrul. You got a problem, you talk to him."

Slitter is a Dunmer and Mogrul's bodyguard. He can be found in Raven Rock, constantly by his side.

He wears Chitin Armor, Chitin Boots and wields a leveled Battleaxe.


  • "I work for Mogrul. You got a problem, you talk to him."
  • "Mogrul doesn't lend coin to outlanders. Look somewhere else."
  • "You looking for trouble? Stay out of my way."
  • "Haven't you got something better to do?"
  • "Get away from me, outlander."


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  •  360   If Mogrul is killed by the Dragonborn and then has the spell Dead Thrall used on him, his bodyguard Slitter will follow Morgul's corpse as a bodyguard.


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