Slyr is a character who appears in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City and An Elder Scrolls Novel: Lord of Souls. She was one of the chefs in Qijne's kitchen. She was an Umbrielian with the shape of a woman, with the gray skin and red eyes of a Dunmer.[1]


When Annaïg and Mere-Glim were brought to Qijne's kitchen, Slyr took charge of Annaïg. She taught her how they worked in the kitchen, and they developed a mutual friendship. Annaïg's knowledge of the ingredients brought from Tamriel and her natural instict made her the most valuable staff in Qijne's kitchen. Other kitchens in Umbriel envied her talent, so Toel's kitchen invaded Qijne's kitchen in order to kidnap Annaïg. Qijne would have killed Annaïg before losing her to Toel if Slyr hadn't buried her cleaver in Qijne’s neck.

Both Annaïg and Slyr were brought to Toel's kitchen. When Toel discovered that Annaïg didn't need Slyr's help any more, he told Annaïg she could get rid of Slyr and progress as a chef, but Annaïg refused to harm her friend. Slyr feared that Toel would eventually get rid of her. She had carnal relations with him, but Toel would soon get bored of her. He instead tried to seduce Annaïg. Slyr then tried to poison Annaïg, but she managed to create an antidote before fainting. Toel offered Annaïg again the chance to get rid of Slyr, but she refused.

Slyr discovered that Annaïg would sneak into Chef Phmer's in order to steal the secret of the ninth flavor. If she were caught, law stated that she would be forced to work in Phmer's kitchen. Slyr betrayed Annaïg again warning Phmer about her plan. After Annaïg's incursion into the kitchen, Phmer accused her of stealing the ninth flavor. He used a flying spider-like creature to detect whether there were any remains of the ninth flavor in Annaïg's clothes. Annaïg had predicted this situation, and she had given her most elegant dress to Slyr, lightly stained with the ninth flavor. The creature blamed Slyr of the crime, and Toel allowed Phmer to deal with her.



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