Smelting is the process in which one transforms ore (or Dwemer metal scraps) into ingots. Although related to Smithing, smelting does not improve the Smithing Skill.

Smelters can be found in most large towns, as well as near many mine entrances.

Smelting IngotsEdit

Source (Ore) Produces Ingot(s)
Corundum Ore (2) Corundum Ingot
Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal Dwarven Metal Ingot (3)
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut Dwarven Metal Ingot (2)
Large Dwemer Plate Metal Dwarven Metal Ingot (3)
Large Dwemer Strut Dwarven Metal Ingot (3)
Small Dwemer Plate Metal Dwarven Metal Ingot (3)
Solid Dwemer Metal Dwarven Metal Ingot (5)
Ebony Ore (2) Ebony Ingot
Gold Ore (2) Gold Ingot
Iron Ore (1) Iron Ingot
Malachite Ore (2) Refined Malachite
Moonstone Ore (2) Refined Moonstone
Orichalcum Ore (2) Orichalcum Ingot
Quicksilver Ore (2) Quicksilver Ingot
Silver Ore (2) Silver Ingot
Corundum Ore (1), Iron Ore (1) Steel Ingot

Dwarven MetalEdit

There are six different materials that can be smelted into Dwarven metal ingots, but looting all of them from Dwemer Ruins will usually be impossible because of their weight. However, if one has the patience to walk throughout a Dwemer ruin, once one leaves, they can drop enough ingot material to fast travel anywhere they need to place the metal in a secure place. Then simply fast travel back to the ruins and pick up what they can carry, repeat as necessary. (Note: make sure to place the Dwemer metal at the front entrance to the ruins, so that when fast traveling back and forth, they do not need to go hunting for treasures that they already looted). A better option would be to have a horse waiting out front and fast travel once mounted.

Due to the ratio between weight and resulting ingots, it is a lot more efficient to collect Small Dwemer Plate Metal, Large Dwemer Plate Metal and Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, than Large Dwemer Strut, Large Decorative Dwemer Strut or Solid Dwemer Metal.

Also note that, confusingly, Dwemer Scrap Metal can not be smelted at all.

Material Weight # of Ingots Weight per Ingot
Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal 2 3 0.67
Small Dwemer Plate Metal 2 3 0.67
Large Dwemer Plate Metal 2 3 0.67
Solid Dwemer Metal 25 5 5
Large Dwemer Strut 20 3 6.67
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut 15 2 7.5


  • Stalhrim does not need to be smelted, as it is used in the state from which it is mined.
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