Smooth Jazbay is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a miscellaneous quest received from Avrusa Sarethi in Sarethi Farm in which Sarethi will ask the Dragonborn to gather twenty Jazbay Grapes and bring them to her.


  1. Find 20 Jazbay
  2. Bring the Jazbay to Avrusa Sarethi


Speak to Avrusa Sarethi at her farm north-west of Riften and east of Ivarstead and she will ask the Dragonborn to gather twenty Jazbay Grapes for her.

You seem quite exhausted. "Is it that obvious? Sigh. I've got my hands full here. Between the farm chores, cultivating my supply of nirnroot and keeping a tight rein on my sister Aduri, there's little time for rest."
Sounds terrible. Good luck with that. "I don't need luck. I need rest."
I could help you if you like. "Really? That would be a pleasant change. One of the ingredients I need to cultivate nirnroot are jazbay grapes... the acidic content of the juice is perfect for the soil. I need twenty of them for my current crop."
"Good luck finding those jazbay grapes, they're very rare."
I have 20 of those. (If the Dragonborn already has the required items.) "My goodness, how did you ever come by all of those? No matter, I appreciate your generosity."
I've brought you 20 jazbay grapes. "Fantastic. I was concerned I had asked for too many, but I'm glad to see you proved me wrong. Let me at least give you something for your efforts... finding all of these couldn't have been easy... or cheap."

After finding twenty jazbay grapes, return to Avrusa Sarethi. In return, she offers a few leveled potions as a reward.


Smooth Jazbay – FreeformSarethiFarm
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Find 20 Jazbay (<Global=FFSarethi01JazCount>/20)
  • Objective 20: Bring the Jazbay to Avrusa Sarethi
  • Quest complete
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