"I got what you need."

Snegburgak is a traveling festival merchant in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The New Life FestivalEdit

A scroll has made its way to the Vestige, and they must travel to Eastmarch to meet the New Life Herald, Breda.

Castle Charm ChallengeEdit

Travel to Alcaire and perform at three sections of the city.

Fish Boon FeastEdit

Travel to Hissmir and catch three special fish, retrieving them for Gentle-Heart, feeding the residents.

Lava Foot StompEdit

Travel to four taverns in Stonefalls and dance in each one while wearing a special pin.

Mud Ball MerrimentEdit

Travel to Skywatch and throw mud balls at participants or citizens, and finally the three visiting faction ambassadors.

Signal Fire SprintEdit

Travel to Bergama, speak to Aubatha and light four braziers within the allotted time limit.

Snow Bear PlungeEdit

Travel to three points within Eastmarch and jump into the freezing waters of the White River.

Stonetooth BashEdit

Travel to Betnikh's Stonetooth Fortress, speak with Matron Borbuga and retrieve supplies for the concurring feast.

The Trial of Five-Clawed GuileEdit

Travel to Rawl'kha in Reaper's March and participate in the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile, opening three chests containing three tokens, and give them to the Rawl'kha Festival Chief, Tumira.

War Orphan's SojournEdit

Travel to Grahtwood's Temple of the Eight and donate to Ormurrel, either by gold or by slaying encroaching wildlife.


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