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The Snow Elf Pantheon was the set of deities venerated by the Snow Elves of the Merethic Era. Five different Aedra are known to have been worshipped.[1]

Revered and worshiped Gods[edit | edit source]

Auri-El (God of the Sun)[edit | edit source]

A statue of Auri-El

The Elven Akatosh is Auri-El. Auri-El is the soul of Anui-El, who, in turn, is the soul of Anu the Everything. He has a large place of worship at the Chantry of Auri-El in the Forgotten Vale of Skyrim. Initiates would go to all six Wayshrines to collect the water contained within them with an Initiate's Ewer and eventually reach the Chantry. After pouring the water within the basin of the Chantry they would be granted an audience with the Arch Curate himself. Following a massacre by the twisted Falmer most of the worshippers and prelates were killed. A group of Knight-Paladins were led against the assault but quickly defeated. The last known Snow Elf survivor to continue to worship Auri-El is Knight-Paladin Gelebor, though the prelates of the chantry in death also worship him.

Auri-El was believed by Snow Elves to protect his Arch-Curate from being infected with Vampirism, but because Arch-Curate Vyrthur was infected by the disease it is unknown why he didn't protect him. The Arch-Curate believed that Auri-El turned his back on him, possibly meaning that Auri-El did not care for him. This also resulted in the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy which would allow his influence on Nirn to be limited.

Trinimac (Auri-El's Knight)[edit | edit source]

Trinimac was considered to be the greatest knight of Auri-El and protected the ancient Aldmer from the armies of Men. Following his battle with Boethiah he was defeated. What remained of him turned into Malacath.

Syrabane (Warlock's God)[edit | edit source]

An Aldmeri god-ancestor of magic, Syrabane aided Bendu Olo in the Fall of the Sload. Through judicious use of his magical ring, Syrabane saved many from the scourge of the Thrassian Plague. He is also called the Apprentices' God, for he is a favorite of the younger members of the Mages Guild.

Jephre (God of the Forest)[edit | edit source]

Jephre is the god of the forest. He is popularly worshiped by the Bosmer.

Phynaster[edit | edit source]

Phynaster was one of the Aldmer to known to have become a god. He created the Ring of Phynaster.

References[edit | edit source]

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