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"It is rumored that far to the north is a larger, more dangerous version of the normal wolf. These Snow Wolves are said to be able to freeze their prey using some sort of magic."
―Official Arena Player's Guide.[1]

Snow Wolves are creatures in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 20
Intelligence 10
Willpower 10
Agility 35
Speed 30
Endurance 30
Personality 40
Luck 50

Snow Wolves are canine animals encountered mainly in the cold north of Tamriel, in the province of Skyrim. These creatures are significantly stronger than the standard Wolf. It is possible to identify them for their white skin and howl.

Compared to their normal cousins, Snow Wolves have more resistance, can inflict greater damage and gives more experience points when dying. However, their major advantage is their ranged Ice attack which is used to injure far enemies.

Snow Wolves are a dangerous creature, especially at low levels, their Ice attack can inflict great amounts of damage. Even at close combat, their attacks still are not weak and can easily kill an unprepared opponent.

Wolf (Arena)

These animals only appear in cold regions, primarily the north of Skyrim. They are between common Wolfs and Orcs in terms of strength.

Cold Resistance will be useful when fighting with Snow Wolves, this effect comes in the form of potion and spell.




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