For the character class, see Character Classes (Skyrim)#Soldier.

A Soldier is an Orsimer highwayman found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is a random encounter, and demands payment when the Dragonborn crosses him. He is usually followed by a Breton mage and a Dunmer soldier.

It is obvious that they are not actually Imperial soldiers, but rather impersonators, likely common bandits. The naked bodies of actual Imperial soldiers who they either killed or found dead and looted the armor from can be seen nearby.

If the Orc's request is not accepted, they will try to kill the Dragonborn. Even if they are an Imperial, even a legate, they will still demand payment, however a dialogue option will appear, in which the Dragonborn can state that they know they are not Imperial soldiers, which results in them attacking. If the Dragonborn is a Stormcloak, they can declare their rejection of Imperial authority, which will also cause them to attack.


"You there! Ah... citizen. This area is off limits. You are interfering with Imperial business. Yeah, so you'll have to pay us a fine... of say, 100 gold. Pay up, citizen."

I'm in the Imperial Legion, and I'm damn sure you're not. (If the Dragonborn is a Legionnaire) "Well in that case. You'll have to hand over your life as well as your coin."
There's only three of you Legionaries versus one Stormcloak? Hardly seems fair. (If the Dragonborn is a Stormcloak) "We'll see about that. Won't we boys?"
Here, take it. (Pay 100 gold) "The, um Emperor thanks you... Now shove off! Er, rather, have a nice day, citizen."
I'm afraid I don't have any gold to spare. "Fine. If you can't pay with coin, you'll pay with your life!"
100 gold? You can have it, if you can take it from me. "If you insist. Come on boys. This'll be fun."


  • "Go on, get out of here!"
  • "Get out of my face!"


  • Despite there being three dead soldiers, only two of the sets are complete, the heavy set and one light set.
  • The Orsimer and the Dunmer wield two-handed weapons, which are not used by Imperial Soldiers.


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