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Solid Dwemer Metal is an item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is similar to ores, in that it can be smelted at any smelter to produce five Dwarven metal ingots.


Solid Dwemer metal can be found in most Dwemer ruins. There is also a small unmapped outdoor ruin that has solid Dwemer metal as well as some pieces of large decorative Dwemer struts. It is exactly north of Autumnshade Clearing, roughly halfway to Shor's Stone.


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Smelting a solid Dwemer metal produces five Dwarven metal ingots, even though it weighs twenty-five units. This makes it less efficient to carry from Dwemer ruins than the bent Dwemer scrap metal, small Dwemer plate metal, and large Dwemer plate metal—each of which weighs two units yet produces three ingots.

Source Weight WeightIcon Septims GoldIcon Ingot Weight WeightIcon Septims GoldIcon
Solid Dwemer Metal 25 25 Dwarven Metal Ingot (x5) 1 30


  • An extra large variant can be found. It weighs the same as a normal one, smelts into the same number of ingots, and stacks in the Dragonborn's inventory with any others that may be there. When dropped, however, the larger size persists.
  • Although it is an extremely heavy item, it easily slides around on the floor and can be picked up easily.
  • It appears to serve as the upper arm of Dwarven centurions.

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