Solitude Lighthouse is a location at the very northernmost of Haafingar Hold. The lighthouse is very important for Solitude because it warns the sailors and helps prevent shipwrecks. The first floor is inhabited by Ma'zaka.


During the quest Lights Out!, Jaree-Ra will ask for assistance in the robbery of an imperial ship, the Icerunner which will dock in Solitude. He wants the fire in the lighthouse put out so that the ship will wreck on the coast nearby.

Noteable Loot


  • None


  • If the fire is put out the lighthouse will never be re-lit. If the player puts torches in the fire-pit and goes to another location, upon return, they will be lit and light up the area if the Dragonborn climbs up to the top of the lighthouse. When viewed from a distance, however, there will still be no visible light. (Scripted)


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