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Solstheim is an island northwest of Vvardenfell and east of Skyrim. The climate is akin to that of Skyrim — cold and snowy. The island itself has ebony mines, which the Empire is extracting. Raven Rock, a mining town in the southwest coastal region of Solstheim, has the largest deposit of Ebony ore throughout the island. The main imperial fort on the island is Fort Frostmoth. Solstheim is the setting for The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


At the time of the Bloodmoon add-on, when the Nerevarine visits Solstheim, it has almost no Imperial presence except for Fort Frostmoth and Raven Rock mine, which lately have become an important source of Ebony for the Empire. During the events of Oblivion, it is stated that the Nords wish to capture the whole island, and the money for the mines have run out.

In the events of The Infernal City, it is stated some of the Dunmer were forced to flee to Solstheim after the An-Xileel invaded Morrowind.

After the devastating eruption of Red Mountain that nearly obliterated the Dunmer culture, the island was generously given to the Dunmer by the Nords as a new homeland.


Geographically, Solstheim is almost identical to Skyrim. Evergreens encompass the southern half of the island, and become more sparse whilst traveling north. Numerous structures are created out of the ice that makes up much of the island, and it is almost always snowing.

Solstheim is divided into four regions; the Felsaad Coast, the Hirstaang Forest, the Isinfier Plains and the Moesring Mountains.

There are three rivers that flow through Solstheim, the Iggnir River, the Harstrad River, and the Isild River. The sizeable Lake Fjalding lies in the northeast of the island. Just like Bruma in Cyrodiil, Solstheim's Nords have the same architecture, with ornate wooden craftsmanship.


The Daedric PrinceHircine, is known to have significant influence over the island and its people. Hircine is able to physically manifest for a hunt on Solstheim with his Werewolf minions, at the ending of every era.[1] The Skaal call this destructive event "The Bloodmoon Prophecy", for as Hircine arrives, the moons turn as red as blood, hence the name of the expansion pack, The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


  • If coc solstheim is typed in the console command, the Nerevarine will be spawned inside an empty black cell with only a large statue of Molag Bal.
  • There are no Khajiits alive on Solstheim, and the only living Argonian is Basks-in-the-Sun, the shipmaster of Fort Frostmoth's docks. Many Beastfolk bodies can be found around the island, especially in the Sjobal cavern, where an entire group of slaves were slaughtered.


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