Somutis Vunnis is an Imperial Priest serving the Imperial Cult at Moonmoth Legion Fort.

There he sells potions, ingredients, and spells to all who need them. If the Nerevarine speaks to him about "essential supplies" after talking with Caius Cosades, he will give a selection of potions for free.


Meet Sul-MatuulEdit


Meet Sul-MatuulEdit

"Welcome. Can I tell you about the Imperial Cult? We invite you to become a lay member."

essential supplies "Yes. Caius said a friend was heading into the backcountry, and would need some potions. I've given you cures and fortifies. There's no charge. But, if you'll take my advice, and you can afford it, stock up on the cures. There's are no Imperial cult cure altars north of Ald'ruhn; the one at Gnisis is far to the west. And we've heard many recent reports of diseased creatures and blighted creatures in the northern wilds."
essential supplies "I gave you the potions. But I have many other potions for sale, and all the proceeds go to support the good works of the Imperial cult."


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