Sondryn Irathi is a Dunmer member of the Fighters Guild, and resides in Sadrith Mora, in the Wolverine Hall. More specifically, she is found in the Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild.


Corprus CureEdit




Corprus CureEdit

"You've got corprus disease, outlander. That's a death sentence. It can't get cured. Get away from me. FAR away."

Tel Fyr "Tel Fyr is a Telvanni tower on an island to the southwest, close to the mainland. Let me mark it on your map. Look for a tall tower, a dock, and a ship. The entrance to the tower is at water level, on the northern tip of the island, near the dock. In good weather, by day, the tower is easy to see. If you miss the tower and hit the beaches of the mainland, walk back and forth along the beaches and look for the tower; it's clearly visible from the beach. Bring levitation potions. No stairs in the tower."
Telvanni tower "In Telvanni villages, the settlement is dominated by the wizard's residence called a 'Telvanni tower', a fantastic organic form grown and sculpted from stems, caps, and root-like holdfasts of the giant native mushrooms. The tower is often surrounded by a village of smaller mushroom pods hollowed out for craftsmen and commoners."


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