"Gotta go, have things to see and people to do."

Sontaire quote

Sontaire is an Altmer bookseller who lives in Bliss, New Sheoth.


Sontaire owns the only bookstore in the Shivering Isles, the Books of Bliss. She is described as a seductive woman, who is very flirty with the Hero (if male) when meeting him and flirty with any man in the Shivering Isles. She is known to hate women such as Lady Syl and the Hero (if female) because they are considered "competition" and Sontaire wants more men for herself.


  • "Hmmm... how do you do? I'd say, very well from the look of things. I'm Sontaire, spend one night with me and I'll remind you why they say "love hurts"."
  • "The only thing I know that resonates around here are the sounds from my bedchambers."
  • "I would bet my life that the Great Torch isn't nearly as hot as I can get any man."
  • "So, how'd you like to get together and leaf through my octavo?"


  • In her bedroom on the second floor of her shop, she has chains and shackles around her bed.
  • She is only one of two people that wear the Light Green Regalia.
  • If Sontaire dies, her tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will read, "Finally, Sontaire sleeps alone".
  • If the Hero is male, then Sontaire will flirt with him. But if the Hero is female, then Sontaire will tell her to "keep away from the men" and if she does so they will "get along just fine."


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