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Besting the most well-equipped fighters, Sorcerers rely on the spells of the mystic arts. Unique to these mages is the bodily stamina to be armed with the thickest armor. Sorcerers also possess the unique ability to absorb magicka from spells targeted at them, serving in essence as magical "batteries," and possess more magicka than any other mage class.

Sorcerers are adept at the use of a wide variety of weapons and armor, but typically do not utilize shields, preferring to keep their hands free for defensive spellcasting instead, their specialty.



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Sorcerers may have heavy armor, but they still should not be treated as warriors. For the most part, Sorcerers should still be using ranged magic, although the heavy armor does give them more time to close the distance with the enemy for a high-power touch spell. Shield spells should also be employed to improve damage resistance.

One important thing to notice is that Sorcerers generally wear more items than other mages, due to not wearing full-body robes. This can be used to gain an extra Fortify Magicka enchantment, or a shield enchantment to maximize armor ratings. A Breton with the birthsign of the Mage can, with enchantments, attain a maximum magicka of 950 with a single item slot available for a shield enchantment, while an Altmer with the sign of the Atronach can attain 1100 with a single item slot still open (these figures assume that cuirass, greaves, boots, gloves, two rings and the necklace are all enchanted with 50pts fortify magicka).

Sorcerers should make use of the Conjuration skill to summon melee fighters who can distract enemies for them, so that they are not called upon to rely on their armor.

To reinforce the first point, although sorcerers may wear heavy armor, they are still not as robust as a true melee fighter class, and the focus of the class is still magic. Players should still make use of the defensive techniques employed by mages to keep alive, rarely relying on armor.

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