Sorine Jurard is a Breton and expert on Dwemer technology. She becomes the weapons specialist in the Dawnguard, mainly in crossbows. She uses her knowledge on Dwemer technology to aid in upgrading the Dawnguard's crossbows and bolts.

Background[edit | edit source]

She was an old associate of Isran many years ago, but left on bad terms when he made it clear he didn't need her help any longer. After she left, she pursued her interest in Dwemer technology and was last reported to being somewhere in The Reach, attempting to uncover a large Dwemer ruin.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

A New Order[edit | edit source]

Isran tasks the Dragonborn to recruit Sorine into the Dawnguard. She can be found west of Druadach Redoubt and south of Darkfall Cave. When first met she complains that she cannot find her satchel of Dwarven gyros and suspects that mudcrabs may have stolen them. She asks the Dragonborn to retrieve either the stolen sack or find a single gyro for her. Upon completion of the quest, she can be found at Fort Dawnguard, having traded her leather armor in for Dawnguard Armor.

Ancient Technology[edit | edit source]

Sorine will explain that she has located a schematic that can provide a new upgrade or ammunition type for the crossbow. She asks the Dragonborn to retrieve it from a radiant location, typically a Dwarven Ruin or Bandit stronghold. Once the schematic has been delivered, she will teach the Dragonborn how to craft the item, provided the corresponding Smithing perk has been unlocked. Access to additional weaponry and ammunition will be granted for the Dragonborn, though none of the Dawnguard will be seen taking advantage of this as well.

Fort Dawnguard[edit | edit source]

At Fort Dawnguard, she serves as a general goods merchant, and notably sells around 200 steel bolts at a time. She can also provide training in Archery to the master level. Once her "Ancient Technology" quests are completed, she will start selling the new weapons and ammunition in her inventory.

Vampire exploit[edit | edit source]

It is possible for the Dragonborn to acquire a large number of steel bolts from her even if they sided with the vampires by using the following exploit. First, the quest "Destroying the Dawnguard" must be active. Before going to the fort, however, create a potion of Fortify Illusion. Now go inside the fort, drink the potion, and cast the Master-level spell Harmony. If the potion is powerful enough, the Dawnguard will not fight the Dragonborn and will, moreover, allow them to talk and shop with them. This exploit can be used to buy an Armored Troll, a crossbow, bolts, and Spell Tomes that are otherwise exclusive to the Dawnguard.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: A New Order
In The Reach:

"Just one gyro. One, and I can get back to work. Where are they?"
"You haven't seen a sack full of dwarven gyros lying around, have you? I'd swear I left it right here. Do you think mudcrabs might've taken it? I saw one the other day... Wouldn't be surprised if it followed me here. Just look around, will you?"

Isran asked me to find you. "Isran? Wants me? No, you must be mistaken. He made it exceedingly clear the last time we spoke that he had no interest in my help. I find it hard to believe he's changed his mind. He said some very hurtful things to me before I left. Anyway, I'm quite happy in my current pursuits. So if you'll excuse me..."
You had a falling out? "Yes, that was my point. I felt it was rather clear. Look, what is it you want from me?"
Vampires threaten all of Skyrim. We need your help. "Vampires? Really? Oh, and I suppose now he remembers that I proposed no less than three different scenarios that involved vampires overrunning the population. Well, what are they up to?"
They have an Elder Scroll. "I... Well, that's actually something I never would've anticipated. Interesting. I'm not sure what they would do with one, but in this case Isran is probably correct in thinking it isn't good."
We're not sure, but Isran is concerned. "In case you haven't noticed, Isran is always concerned about something. That's what got us working together in the first place. Still, if he sent you to find me, it may actually be pretty bad."
"All right. If nothing else, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to learn more about what's going on so I can better defend myself. But I'm not just going to abandon what I've been working on here. It's too useful. I need at least one intact dwarven gyro. So either I need to find the satchel those mudcrabs stole, or I need a another gyro from someplace. You wouldn't happen to have one, would you?"
There's no time. You need to get moving now. (Persuade) "I'm sorry, I'm not about to do that without at least a single to show for my efforts."
I don't have any gyros on me. "Well then I'm very sorry, but I can't just walk away from this project yet."
Isran and I still need your help. "I understand that, but I really can't leave here without at least one usable piece of dwarven equipment. A single gyro would be enough, I think. Believe me, this is useful stuff."
Here, I've got a dwarven gyro. Take it. "Thank you! It's not much, but this will help a great deal with some things I've been researching. Now where is it Isran expects me to go?"
We're meeting at Fort Dawnguard. "Ah. Been working more on his secret hideout, has he? It'll be interesting to see how much progress he's made. I'll finished up here and head in that direction as soon as I can. See you there."

If approached again:

"I guess I'll see you at Fort Dawnguard."

After arriving in Fort Dawnguard:

"Well this isn't exactly a palace, is it? Still, it's sturdy secure and seems defensible. I suppose I'd rather be here than most other places in Skyrim. If Isran needs me, it must be pretty bad. I wonder what we're up against here."

Can you teach me to be a better Marksman? "I can certainly try."
Can you teach me how to make crossbow? "A basic one? Of course. That is, assuming you know anything about steel smithing. It's pretty simple. Talk to Gunmar if you need materials."
Do you know anything about the old Dawnguard? "I've only heard stories. Not sure if any of them are true. Like that they were supposed to guard some vampire here, but wound up all becoming vampires themselves when they saw how powerful he was. And then preyed on the Rift until finally someone put them down. I guess it doesn't matter now. At least Isran is trying to do something noble with the name."
What have you got for sale? "I'll buy whatever you're looking to get rid of."

"Don't get yourself killed!"

Show: Ancient Technology
Inside Fort Dawnguard:

"Hope you're getting along with Isran. He takes some getting used to."

What can I do to help? "I want to add some punch to our crossbow capabilities, I've done all I can on my own. I need a little inspiration. I've always been fascinated with Dwemer artifacts. I take them apart, poke around in their guts, and try to figure things out - with mixed results. But as luck would have it, I've tracked down the location of some actual Dwemer diagram drawings! So, if you'd be a dear and collect those plans for me?"

After retrieving the Enhanced Crossbow Schematic:

I'm back from Orotheim (Or another location) with the Enhanced Crossbow Schematic. "You've back and alive to boot! Fantastic. Hmmm... I see. Clever dwarves. With a similar technique and a little tinkering I should be able to improve the capabilities of our crossbows. I often wonder where we'd be if the Dwemer were still around. Ah well. We'll have to manage with the scraps we find. Here. Let me show you how it's made... Assuming you have the smithing skills, you should be able to make this yourself at Gunmar's forge. Either way, I'll have some for sale soon."

What can I do to help? "I've got more leads on additional Dwemer plans. Those last ones helped me immensely. If you could collect this one for me, it's sure to result in extraordinary success!"

After obtaining the Dwemer Exploding Fire Bolt Schematic:

I'm back from Treva's Watch (Or another location) with the Dwemer Exploding Fire Bolt Schematic. "Ooh, good. I was just starting to get bored. Would you look at that. An exploding crossbow bolt. This should be fun! Here. Let me show you how this works... I'll have some for sale soon."

What can I do to help? "Ready for more? I certainly am. Be a dear and fetch me another set of Dwemer diagrams?"

After obtaining the Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt Schematic:

I'm back from Fahlbtharz (Or another location) with the Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt Schematic. "Let's see what you've got there. I see... similar to the exploding bolt, only this one will cause damage while splintering shards of ice sharp as glass. Charming! Here. Let me show you how it's made... Assuming you have the smithing skills, you should be able to make this yourself at Gunmar's forge. Either way, I'll have some for sale soon."

What can I do to help? "It's amazing what I'm able to learn from studying these Dwemer plans. Want to head out there and collect some more?"

After obtaining the Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt Schematic:

I'm back from Bilegulch Mine (Or another location) with the Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt Schematic. "Back already? Can't wait. Let's see... Ooh! This diagram explains how to fashion a bolt that will send a jolt of shock through whatever it hits. Testing this will require some extra precautions, I think. Here. Let me show you how this works... I'll have some for sale soon."

What can I do to help? "I'm starting to think you like this as much as I do! Here's the location of the next set of Dwemer diagrams. Thanks!"

After obtaining the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic:

I'm back from Rift Watchtower (Or another location) with the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic. "You never disappoint. What've you got there? Is it really... it is! I was hoping we'd find this. It's a diagram for a dwemer crossbow. Much more sophisticated, and powerful, than the ones we use. Here. Let me show you how it's made... Assuming you have the smithing skills, you should be able to make this yourself at Gunmar's forge. Either way, I'll have some for sale soon."

What can I do to help? "Alright! One more set of dwemer plans to go. Think I'll be sad when we're done collecting these. Who knows though, maybe more plans will turn up in the future. But I can't wait to see these drawings. Go on, get out of here!"

After obtaining the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic:

I'm back from Kagrenzel (Or another location) with the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic. "You never disappoint. What've you got there? Now this is a find! Plans for improving the Dwemer crossbow. This should add some extra punch to an already devastating weapon. Here. Let me show you how this works... I'll have some for sale soon."

Show: Bolstering the Ranks
Inside Fort Dawnguard:

"Do you have a moment? Gunmar and I have been talking and, well, we're slightly worried. We both realized that if Isran's even allowed us in here, he must be really concerned. And if he's that concerned, the situation my be pretty bad. Make sense?"

You're worried about what we're up against? "Yes. These vampires are a new threat, and a truly deadly one. Gunmar and I agree that we're going to need Florentius to help. Gunmar and I have a lot of work to do here, so we were hoping that maybe you could track him down."
Who is Florentius? "He's a priest of Arkay. Well, he was. It's... it's complicated. He's a little eccentric, but we can trust him and we could definitely use his skills."
Where can I find him? "Well, that's the thing. We don't know where he is. Haven't seen him in years. I think he had regular contact with the Vigilants, and I know Isran kept track of them... So maybe you could ask Isran if he knows anything? Just keep in mind that he... well, he might not like the idea."

If approached again:

"Hope you're getting along with Isran. He takes some getting used to."

Why wouldn't Isran like me asking about Florentius? "The two of them just never got along. That's why Isran didn't have you go looking for him when he sent you after us."

"Don't get yourself killed!"

Conversations[edit | edit source]

A New Order

Gunmar: "All right Isran, you've got us all here. Now what do you want?"
Isran: "Hold it right there."
Sorine: "What are you doing?"
Isran: "Making sure you're not vampires. Can't be too careful. So, welcome to Fort Dawnguard. I'm sure you've heard a bit of what we're up against. Powerful vampires, unlike anything we've seen before. And they have an Elder Scroll. If anyone is going to stand in their way, it's going to be us."
Sorine: "This is all well and good, but do we actually know anything about what they're doing? What do we do now?"
Isran: "We'll get to that. For now, get acquainted with the space. Sorine, you'll find room to start your tinkering on that crossbow design you've been working on. Gunmar, there's an area large enough for you to pen up some trolls, get them armored up and ready for use. In the meantime, we're going to get to the bottom of why a vampire showed up here looking for you (To the Dragonborn). Let's go have a little chat with it, shall we?"

Kindred Judgment

Isran: "Everyone! Gather 'round! Come on then, we haven't got all day! For too long we've allowed these vampires to poison the night and kill our people! Now, we finally have the means to strike back! We now have Auriel's Bow. The gods themselves have favored us and we must answer with action! The time has come to finally put an end to Harkon and his unholy prophecy! We will march on their lair and destroy those wretched abominations so they can no longer corrupt our world! This is our fight and this is our fate! This is the time of the Dawnguard!"
Florentius: "Burn them all!"
Celann: "Kill the abominations!"
Agmaer: "Victory to the Dawnguard!"
Sorine: "Give him a crossbow bolt between the eyes for me!"
Beleval: "Send the troll after them!"
Gunmar: "Send them to Oblivion!"
Florentius: "Praise Arkay!"
Durak: "The prophecy is no more!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Just one gyro. One, and I can get back to work. Where are they?"
  • "I hope you're getting along with Isran. He takes some getting used to."
  • "I like what Isran has done with the place. It's good to see someone else who's really prepared."
  • "Very few people appreciate all the horrible things that can happen to you if you're not being cautious."
  • "I think we have a better chance at surviving here, don't you?"
  • "There are at least 30 different ways of being attacked and killed in your own home at any given moment"
  • "It's time to end this." – During Kindred Judgment
  • "Find their leader and kill him!" – During Kindred Judgment

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She can be heard having interesting and informative conversations with Gunmar, mostly about other members of the Dawnguard. Some of the things they mention would probably not be received well by other members, so this may indicate a certain trust between them.
  • She's voiced by Colleen Delany.
  • In her original armor, she is wearing Light, in Fort Dawnguard she wears Heavy Armor.
  • Her Satchel is not very far from her so it is possible that mudcrabs took it. It is found down on the shore.
  • Being both a merchant and a master trainer of Archery, she can be used to increase the Archery skill and the gold can be taken back through trading. This makes her a better choice for training than Niruin.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

This section contains bugs related to Sorine Jurard. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  /  XB1  ,  PS3  /  PS4  ,  PC  /  MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  • After completing the first quest of Ancient Technology, she might not offer any more of the quests in the chain.
  •  PS3   She may attack upon approaching her. Re-loading last save, waiting 48 in-game hours then going back to her again will allow the quest to proceed as normal.
  •  PC   PS3   If other Dawnguard members have been asked for side quests and they do not have any, they will ask the Dragonborn to speak to Gunmar or Sorine, thus starting two miscellaneous quests. The miscellaneous quest where Sorine has been spoken to will appear even if all of her quests are completed. When asked for a quest, she will tell the Dragonborn to talk to Gunmar but her miscellaneous quest will permanently remain in the quest log unless the last save has been reloaded.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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