"Good day stranger. Soris Arenim is my name."
―Soris Arenim[src]

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Soris Arenim is a Dunmer commoner and wizard who lives in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City with his wife Erissare Arenim. It seems that Soris has a penchant for mage's staves.


Bravil RecommendationEdit

He is the central character in this Mages Guild quest. Ardaline's mage's staff must be bought or stolen from him and returned to Kud-Ei.


"Good day stranger. Soris Arenim is my name."

Imperial City "I don't know. Just take a walk around. Buy something. Plenty of stores. Why'd you come in the first place?"
Bravil Recommendation

"Good day stranger. Soris Arenim is my name."

Mage's Staff "Look, I can't just give it to you. I paid good money for it, after all. I'll tell you what. You give me at least a portion of what I paid for it, say two hundred gold, and I'll give you the staff. That's a good deal, right? I wouldn't offer it to anyone else, just you. So what do you say?"
It's a deal. "I'll just take the money from you then. And there's your staff. Now, since our business is concluded, you must excuse me. Good day."
No. "Are you sure? Well, all right. I can't give you a better offer."
Mage's Staff "I made you an offer already. Two hundred gold, in exchange for the staff. Are you prepared to accept it now?"

If approached again:

Mage's Staff "You've already purchased the staff, friend. There really isn't much more to say on the subject, is there?"


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