For the character of the same name, see Sorkvild the Raven.

Sorkvild the Raven is an Imperial Legion quest offered by Radd Hard-Heart in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Obtain the quest from Radd Hard-Heart at Moonmoth Legion Fort.
  2. Travel to Sorkvild's Tower on the outskirts of Dagon Fel.
  3. Find and kill Sorkvild the Raven.
  4. Return to Radd Hard-Heart.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After the Nerevarine completes the "Breeding Netch" quest, Radd Hard-Heart is prepared to offer his final task. He wants a dangerous Necromancer named Sorkvild the Raven dead.

Sorkvild can be found at his tower on the outskirts of Dagon Fel. After entering the tower, the Nerevarine will encounter a few hostile friends of Sorkvild on the lower level. One of them wields a Saint's Black Sword, which has a value of 12500 gold. Obtaining it can be considered a quest reward, as Hard-Heart will not be forthcoming with a proper reward.

The Necromancer can be found at the top of the tower. After disposing of him, search his corpse and the surrounding area for items, including the Masque of Clavicus Vile and some skill books and ingredients.

Return to Radd Hard-Heart to complete the quest.


Journal Entry
Sorkvild the Raven is a Necromancer who lives in the Dwemer ruins near Dagon Fel. The Dunmer despise Necromancy, and all who practice it. Radd Hard-Heart wants the Necromancer dead before he ruins the reputation of other Imperial citizens.
  • Quest accepted
Radd Hard-Heart thanked me for killing Sorkvild the Raven.
  • Quest completed


  • The Disposition of Dagon Fel residents can now be raised by speaking about Sorkvild's death.

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