Not to be confused with Sosia Epinard or Sosia Tremellia.

Sosia Caristiana is a Breton Healer who can be found in the West Gash region. She stole Cloudcleaver from the barbarian Hlormar Wine-Sot.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Recovering Cloudcleaver[edit | edit source]

Hlormar asks the Nerevarine to recover his stolen weapon from the witch. After reaching her camp, Sosia tells a different story than that of Hlormar, saying that she took Cloudcleaver to "teach him a lesson." The Nerevarine can support either side in order to complete the quest.

Items[edit | edit source]

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greeting (during the events of the quest "Recovering Cloudcleaver") Hello there stranger, I see you've already met my good friend Hlormar. My name is Sosia Caristiana, the healer. How can I be of assistance to the two of you?

Hlormar Ha! A right funny story that one is! The true story, [PC Name], is that I took Hlormar on as a traveling companion for protection only for the road to Caldera. Along the way he was getting entirely too friendly for his own good, to the point where I actually had to cast a sleep spell on him. Just to teach him a lesson in manners, I stripped him and left him by the road. And to be sure he didn't come after me for retribution, I took that Cloudcleaver he's always fawning over as well.
Cloudcleaver Oh, I don't think he's ready to get it back quite yet. I can still see the rage burning in those tiny Nord eyes of his. However, if he meets me in three days at the Mage's Guild Hall in Caldera I will return everything I have of his, but not a minute sooner. Tell him that is Sosia's offer.
(after Hlormar is killed) Hlormar's obsession with that axe led to his death. I'll leave it with someone who can use it well. I thank you for your help stranger. I think that hothead would've killed me had you not intervened. Here, take these potions as my gift to you, and seek me out if you ever require my services in the future.

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