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"There is only one name that is not Name. Seht, the convergent Clockwork God, whose will pumps like a piston into both "then" and "after." Sotha Sil, Father of Mystery, whose heart drives the Wheels Eternal and whose blood oils the All-Axle. Si, the Divine Engine, whose mind merges "they" and "we" and births the Nirn-Ensuing."
―Deldrise Morvayn[src]

Sotha Sil, also called Lord Seht or the Clockwork God, is one of the three members of the Tribunal, the divine rulers of Morrowind, and the creator of the Clockwork City. The main questline of The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City involves helping Sotha Sil find a powerful artifact and stopping a mysterious Daedric threat that has beset him.[1][2]


Main questlineEdit

The Strangeness of SehtEdit

Divayth Fyr has noticed that something is off with Sotha Sil, as he has been acting much unlike himself. He asks the Vestige to investigate, and after interviewing a number of workers and inspecting the lanterns Sotha Sil ordered to be removed, it is discovered Sil is avoiding a unique invisible light within the lamps. Fyr asks the Vestige to place one of the old lanterns in the hall, and convinces "Sotha Sil" into giving a lecture there. He asks the Vestige to activate the lamp to determine who is really masquerading as Sotha Sil, once the imposter finishes delivering his speech.

Upon activation of the lantern, "Sotha Sil" yells in pain, and transforms into a purple shadow closely resembling Sotha Sil, revealing that the shadow has been disguised as him for quite some time.

Where Shadows LieEdit

Within the final chamber of the Cogitum Centralis, The Throne Aligned, Sotha Sil will be found incapacitated and subdued by a contraption around his head, with the Skeleton Key inside. His Shadow will attack the Vestige and Proctor Luciana Pullo to defend the key, and once it is defeated, a dark aura of pitch-black energy will surround the area. It is revealed to be Nocturnal who is casting it, with the energy only stopped by Proctor Luciana and the recently arrived Divayth Fyr. The Vestige must activate the Skeleton Key to free Sotha Sil, who will then absorb the energy stolen by his Shadow and address Noctural.

The Light of KnowledgeEdit


Side questsEdit

The Astronomer's ApprenticeEdit



Show: General
After completing In Search of a Sponsor:

"Yes, what is it? I have much to do. Much to attend to. Speak."

You're Sotha Sil? "Of course I am. And you are Divayth Fyr's aide. Yes, I've heard a great deal about you. You struck a blow against corruption in my fortress, correct? You're to be commended. Now, speak your business."
I just wanted to meet you. "A worthy goal. Very worthy indeed. I am a god, after all. Tell me—now that you've had the opportunity to meet me, how do I strike you?"
You're just as majestic as I imagined. "Majestic. Yes. A fitting description. You shall go far here in Clockwork City, aide of Fyr. I pardon you for interrupting me and grant you my blessing. Go forth, and honor me, the Clockwork God, with your labors."
I'm a little underwhelmed. "Underwhelmed? By me? Count your blessings that I have other matters to attend to, mortal. I have half a mind to show you just how powerful I am. This city is mine! If you wish to dwell in it, I suggest you learn respect!"
Show: Where Shadows Lie

"The prisoner. At last. You are early ... or perhaps late. It makes little difference. I'm glad you've come. Tamriel owes you a debt."

Are you fully restored? "Restored. Yes. I reclaimed my shadow, and with it, knowledge of what transpired and what's to come. But those calculations will keep. I owe you a boon. Service, like all equations, demands precise reciprocity. I wonder, what would you ask of me?"
What kind of gifts do you offer? Can you give me power? "Power. Interesting. Power to what end, I wonder ... You possess a great well of potential―unexplored depths, hidden by self-doubt and narrow perspective. Feel no shame. I know something of self-doubt. I can reveal this potential, if you wish."
I've made up my mind. "Ask, and you shall have it."
I want power. (or It's what I want.)
  • "Then you shall have it―along with a prize from my vault. This treasure is, and always has been, yours. Put these gifts to good use ... or do not. Triumphs await regardless. We are, all of us, bound by our natures. Your nature demands victory."
  • "You should know that great power brings its own sorrows, even for those with the wisdom to wield it."
What about the Skeleton Key? "Clever. At another time, in another place, I would gladly part with it. In truth, I have no interest in Daedric baubles. Unfortunately, the Shadow Queen still lurks on our threshold. I must send this key away. Farther than your feet can carry you."
Luciana collapsed during the battle. Do you have the power to help her? (or Can you help her?) "Altruism. A rare trait. Luciana will die. If not here and now, then elsewhere and later. I can delay her death if you wish, but to what end? Consider carefully. Luciana means a great deal to me, but grief cannot be avoided―only deferred."
I've made up my mind. "Ask, and you shall have it."
Please save Luciana.
  • "It is done. The recalibration may take some time, but the proctor will make a full recovery. I know she will put this gift to good use. Please, take this as well. A token from my personal collection. It is, and always has been, yours."
  • "A noble, if short-sighted, choice to save Luciana. But then, the long view brings its own perils. Where will she go from here? Perhaps you can help her decide."
Show: The Light of Knowledge

"Strange. I spent lifetimes here in the world of tangible-forms, but each time I emerge from the throne, it's like seeing it for the first time. Broken, impoverished ... beautiful."

What will you do now? "It seems I must delay my work for a time. When I reclaimed my shadow, I learned a great deal. Daedric plots. Alliances and betrayals. The return of things lost in time ... the loss of things the world thought certain. I have much to do."
Can I help? What do you need? "In the short term I need Divayth Fyr. He took his leave to attend to matters outside my fortress. I wish to speak with both of you in a more private setting. Please, find Fyr and then meet me at the Elegiac Replication."
I'll find him and meet you there. "We will speak in time. First, find Divayth Fyr. I wish for both of you to meet me at the Elegiac Replication―a memorial south of here. Our discussion should be away from prying eyes and ears ... even those of my own people."
Where is Luciana now? "You will find her in the retreat, here in the basilica. My facotums tend to her wounds even as we speak. Of course, you already know how this will end. I hope that knowledge brings you some measure of peace."

"Do you like this place? It took me the better part of a decade to perfect it. Every stone and flower tells a story. Tales of how things were ... how they ought to be. I thought about destroying it on more than one occasion. I'm glad I didn't."

I have questions. "I know. Ask, and I will answer truthfully. Just know that the truth often fails to satisfy."
Who are you really? "You expect something grand, but I promised you the truth. I am only what time and circumstances made me. Son of a lost house. Friend to a fallen king. Some will tell you that we are the product of our choices. I've never found that to be the case."
What is all this for? The Clockwork City? "I sometimes ask myself the same thing. May I confess something to you."
What did you want to talk to me about? "I instructed Divayth to run from the battle that is to come. Now, I urge you to run toward it. Long ago. I brokered a truce with the Princes of Oblivion. This pact bound eight Princes to an oath - that they would never again set foot on Tamriel."


The Strangeness of Seht

Sotha Sil: "Greetings, Apostles. It seems I must disrupt your labors yet again.
My dear friend, Divayth Fyr informed me that some of your number may be experimenting on my blessed factotums.
I will remind you yet again―my beloved factotums serve as an extension of my divine will. Accost them, and you accost me.
In the past, I have encouraged a child's curiosity and accepted minor blasphemies. But my generosity has limits.
Know this―any servant of the Clockwork God found tinkering with factotums shall face severe sanction.
In this place, my word shapes, constructs, and controls. My authority is absolute.
Keep to your modest experiments. Seek discovery outside the walls or in the confines of your own cloisters.
Such is the will of Seht―The Mainspring Ever-Wound. Obey.
Now. Are there any questions?"

Where Shadows Lie

Sotha Sil: "You trespass, Ur-dra. The Clockwork City shall bear your wait no longer.
Nocturnal: "You achieve nothing, little godling. The Triad looms upon Summerset's shores. All that is shall be ours!"
Divayth Fyr: "Well done, my friend. Enough theatrics, Luciana. On your feet. Luciana ….?"
Sotha Sil: "We should return to the surface. This is no place for mortals."

The Light of Knowledge

Sotha Sil: "Thank you both for coming."
Divayth Fyr: "Of course, old friend. You seem troubled. More troubled than usual, I mean."
Sotha Sil: "Perceptive, as always. I do not wish to diminish your achievement, but Nocturnal's defeat here will be short-lived.
What's more, she does not act alone. A third enemy looms at the edge of my sight.
Their covetous eyes are now fixed on the Summerset Isles."
Divayth Fyr: "Then we should inform the rest of the Psijics. They'll need to prepare."
Sotha Sil: "I will inform them personally. I have a separate task for you, Divayth.
Take the Skeleton Key. Keep it hidden for as long as you can. I trust that this task pleases you? After all, your love of such trinkets is what brought you here in the first place."
Divayth Fyr: "Sometimes I wonder if you see too much. I will keep it safe."
Sotha Sil: "Farewell, Divayth Fyr. We will not meet again."



  • When asked about the absence of Sotha Sil in the Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 4 and the Zenimax Writer's AMA, Zenimax commented that Sotha Sil "has his hands full" and is occupied with "other matters," and it will eventually be revealed what those matters are.[3][4]


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