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Soul Cairn Graveyard Battlespire

A graveyard in the Soul Cairn.

The Soul Cairn is a location within An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire. It is the 3rd level within the questline of the game. The Soul Cairn is a plane of Oblivion that belongs to the Ideal Masters.


The Soul Cairn is a gloomy area. It has a turquoise-like aura and is filled with graveyards, burial chambers, mausoleums and chapels.


After exiting level 2 of the Caitiff, you will enter level 3 of the Soul Cairn. Completing all objectives and speaking to the Ideal Masters will grant passage to level 4, the Shade Perilous.


The Soul Cairn is a plane where soul trapped souls go to once they have been used. All souls belong to the Ideal Masters.



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