Crystal (Legends)
For other uses, see Soul Gem.
"Spend your Soul Gems to Soul Summon new cards. Create more copies of cards you own or add cards you have 0 copies of to your Collection."
―Soul Summon[src]

Soul Gems are a resource in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is used to craft cards.


"Select an owned card in your Collection to open Card Info, where you can Soul Trap that card and turn it into Soul Gems."
―Soul Trap[src]
  • The soul gems may be acquired from various in-game rewards or by destroying cards.

Soul SightEdit

Soul Sight (Legends)
"Use this to see cards in your Collection that you don't own yet. Select a card you have 0 copies of to open Card Info and see how you can Soul Summon a copy."
―Soul Sight[src]



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  •  PC   When "soul trapping" the card, instead of usual amount of soul gems it sometimes gives the "soul summoning" amount.


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