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"[The Worm Cult] sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven."
Lyris Titanborn[src]

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the first quest in the game if the player has not purchased the Online: Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr, or Greymoor expansions. Following this quest is "The Harborage."


I died, but that was only the beginning... I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact, but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity.

This is the first quest in The Elder Scrolls Online, and acts as the tutorial for the Vestige if they have not purchased any Chapters. It is located in Coldharbour, Molag Bal's Plane of Oblivion. Alternatively, those who have any of the expansions can travel to Daggerfall for the Covenant, Davon's Watch for the Pact, or Vulkhel Guard for the Dominion, to find the Hooded Figure. She will ask the Vestige to talk to the Benefactor. When talking to the Benefactor, however, the Vestige will be kidnapped and taken to Mannimarco and be sacrificed by him.


Part 1: Cell[]

  1. Search the Cell
  2. Talk to the Prophet
  3. Leave cell

Part 2: The Wailing Prison[]

  1. Take and equip a weapon
  2. Escape the prison

Part 3: The Bleeding Forge[]

  1. Kill the skeleton
  2. Fight the skeleton archer
  3. Talk to Lyris
  4. Reach the Tower of Eyes

Part 4: The Tower of Eyes[]

  1. Destroy a Coldharbour Sentinel
    • Optional: Talk to Lyris
  2. Reach the Prophet's Cell
  3. Talk to Lyris
  4. Talk to Cadwell
  5. Enter the Undercroft

Part 5: The Undercroft[]

  1. Enter the Prophet's Cell

Part 6: Prophet's Cell[]

  1. Talk to Lyris
  2. Defend Lyris
  3. Disable North Anchor Pinion
  4. Disable South Anchor Pinion
  5. Return to Lyris and watch the exchange
  6. Talk to the Prophet
  7. Enter the anchor mooring

Part 7: Anchor Mooring[]

  1. Get to the Anchor Base
  2. Defeat the Anchor Mooring Guardians
    • Skeletons
    • Child of bones
  3. Talk to the Prophet
  4. Collect the Skyshard
  5. Wait for Prophet
  6. Use the Rift to Escape to Tamriel

Part 8: (Factional starting town)[]

  1. Talk to the Prophet

Detailed Walkthrough[]

The Vestige's Cell[]

"Slowly, now. You've been through an ordeal. Take a few moments to collect yourself."
―The Prophet[src]

The quest starts off in the Wailing Prison, where the Vestige is locked up inside. the Prophet reveals himself to the Vestige, who informs him or her that he or she must help him escape Coldharbour so that the Vestige can escape as well.

"Whoa, there! Are you all right? The name's Lyris. I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it."
―Lyris Titanborn[src]

Soon after, Lyris Titanborn appears at the cell door, breaks it open, and explains that the Prophet is the only hope for Tamriel. Upon leaving the cell, Er-Jaseen can be seen holding the door in a final act of the defiance against the Dremora, allowing for Lyris and the Vestige to get to the Bleeding Forge.

The Bleeding Forge[]

"Greetings, Vestige. Like you, I am a prisoner in this place. You must rescue me. And I, in turn, must rescue you."
―The Prophet[src]

The Prophet appears once again to reinstate that time is short, and that the only way for either of them to escape is to do so together. Lyris will say that it was dangerous for the Prophet to appear, and that the Vestige, him or herself, must be important. She encourages him or her to help rescue the Prophet.

After the Vestige retrieves a weapon, he or she and Lyris engage in a battle first with a few Dremora, and then, later, with Vaekar the Forgemaster, who must be defeated in order to proceed further.

The Ashen Mine[]

He or she and Lyris arrive at the Ashen Mine, where Soul Shriven are tortured and put to work.[1] Although they cannot be released, their overseers can be killed, although this is optional. Throughout the river nearby, Feral Shriven will wander around, and chests can be looted, though this is also not required.

"The God of Schemes can see every part of Coldharbour. We need to distract him."

Lyris tells that escaping Coldharbour can only happen if a Coldharbour Sentinel is destroyed, temporarily severing Molag Bal's view of the Wailing Prison. On the way to the Towers of Eyes, a Dremora will guard the bridge, and will have to be dispatched to make it farther--or else the river must be followed, and the Feral Shriven dealt with.

The Towers of Eyes[]

"Try to be inconspicious. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."

Ascending up the incline near the center of the mine, the pair makes their way through a few more Dremora and a Clannfear, as well as a Feral Shriven near the top of the tower. The Coldharbour Sentinel rests at the top, and Lyris suggests for the Vestige to sneak-attack it.

"Fool! You will never escape my realm."
―Molag Bal[src]

After this has been done, the Vestige and Lyris will find that the passage to the Prophet's cell is sealed, and so another way must be found. Lyris mentions that Cadwell, the oldest non-real Soul Shriven, probably knows a way around.

Cadwell can be found in the camp near the far river, past the path to the Towers of Eyes. After expressing skepticism over the Vestige's odds, Cadwell tells of a passage known as the Undercroft, which is filled with traps and enemies.

The Undercroft[]

"Tell you what – I happen to know another way in! Much more of a scenic route. Rather a fun little jaunt, actually. Full of traps, and corpses, and nasty beasties filling up the bits in between."

The Vestige and Lyris follow the river nearby to a door, which must be either lock-picked or forced--although forcing it will always result in success. Inside the cavern, several skeletons will be guarding the way; although they can be killed, they can also be completely avoided without a penalty. Several fire traps also stand in the way, which must be waited-out in order to avoid taking damage.

The Prophet's Cell[]

"The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed. Now the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you."

After leaving the Undercroft, Lyris and the Vestige to find the Prophet suspended in magic. Lyris informs the Vestige that someone living must take his place, and so she volunteers herself, warning the Vestige that guards are sure to appear. As she begins, several Dremora will do exactly that, who must be eliminated to continue. After she trades with the Prophet, the Vestige has to activate two pinions in order to complete the transference.

"Thank the Divines, you are safe! There is that, at least. Lyris sacrificed everything, that we might go free. Her sacrifice must not be in vain."
―The Prophet[src]

The Prophet will appear in her place, free from his bonds. He notes that the Soul-Shriven player is the Vestige, and, therefore, is too important to leave in Coldharbour. He mentions that the only way to return to Tamriel is to get to the Dark Anchor.

The Dark Anchor Mooring[]

"The mortal thinks it can defy me. Futile. Soon your world will be in my chains."
―Molag Bal[src]

Upon getting there, the Child of Bones will appear to stop the pair, which also must be defeated to escape. It is the final boss of The Wailing Prison, and will use several different attacks, including grabbing the Vestige. The reward for killing the bone colossus is the Collar of Bones, which can be looted from the corpse.

"The Dark Anchor's portal is high above us. I will prepare a spell to lift us to it. But first, you must re-attune yourself to Nirn in order to regain your physical form. To do this, you will need a skyshard."
―The Prophet[src]

The Prophet notes that he and the Vestige need a Skyshard to make the trip, and creates one with magic, before activating the rift and leaving, with the Vestige following behind.

"As I feared, we arrived in different locations."
―The Prophet[src]

Back on Nirn, the Prophet appears translucent, and explains that he is in a different place than the Vestige, and that he must work to get Lyris back to Nirn for her noble sacrifice.

"You must find your own path. But perhaps there is a reason for the place in which you find yourself. Explore. Search for a cause to lend your hand. Join with others. You might even seek out those who rescued you from the sea. The choice is yours."
―The Prophet[src]

He bids the Vestige farewell, telling him or her that many on Tamriel will need help, and that he or she should find others to accomplish this goal.

The quest is completed as the Vestige finds him or herself in one of three locations, corresponding to which faction was chosen: Khenarthi's Roost for the Aldmeri Dominion, Bleakrock Isle for the Ebonheart Pact, or Stros M'Kai for the Daggerfall Covenant.



QuestMapMarker01.png This section is missing a journal entry.

Journal Entry
If starting the quest by talking to the Hooded Figure:

A hooded figure wishes to speak to me. I should see what the hooded figure wants.

  • Objective: Talk to the Hooded Figure
I've shown up in an unfamiliar place. The Prophet has shown up as a shade; I should speak with him and see where I must go next.
  • Objective: Talk to the Prophet
Lyris said the Coldharbour Sentinels are allowing Molag Bal to watch over the Wailing Prison directly. If we are to escape Coldharbour, we will need to blind him by destroying one of the Sentinels.
  • Objective: Destroy a Coldharbor Sentinel
Lyris knows someone named Cadwell who might know a different way into the Prophet's cell. We should find him and see what he knows.
  • Objective: Talk to Cadwell
The Undercroft reeks of death. We should carefully make our way through and enter the Prophet's cell.
  • Objective: Enter the Prophet's Cell
We've Found the Prophet, but he's within some kind of magical prison. I should see if Lyris knows how to get him out.
  • Objective: Talk to Lyris
Lyris must switch places with the Prophet in order to free him. Her efforts will catch the attention of more guards, no doubt.
  • Objective: Defend Lyris
The pinions on either side of the ritual circle seem to be activated. I should see if I can manipulate them to complete the ritual.
  • Objective: Activate the Anchor Pinions
The Prophet is free, but Lyris is now trapped in the cell. I should talk to the Prophet and find out what's next.
  • Objective: Talk to the Prophet
The Prophet knows of a Daedric Anchor we can use to return to Tamriel. We should leave this place.
  • Objective: Enter the anchor mooring
We've made our way to the Dark Anchor. The Prophet and I will need to reach the base of the Anchor Mooring.
  • Objective: Get to the anchor base
The Prophet and I must fight our way past the guardian and through the Mooring's base if we're to escape.
  • Objective: Defeat the Anchor Mooring guardian
We made it to the Anchor Mooring. I should talk to the Prophet.
  • Objective: Talk to the Prophet
The Prophet said that we'll need a Skyshard in order to return to Tamriel and attune my corporeal form to Nirn. I should collect the Skyshard.
  • Objective: Collect the Skyshard
The Prophet has begun summoning something to lift us to the portal above. I should wait for him to complete the spell.
  • Objective: Wait for the Prophet
The way to Tamriel is open! I must enter the rift to escape!
  • Objective: Use the rift to escape to Tamriel
I've emerged from the rift in an unfamiliar place. The Prophet is nearby, but his form is indistinct and translucent. I should speak with him.
  • Objective: Talk to the Prophet


  • Er-Jaseen is the one that frees the Vestige from their cell.
  • As the first tutorial, this quest can be skipped once completed by one of the player's characters.
  • The final boss of the quest used to be the Anchor Guardian, but was changed to the Child of Bones after the Beta ended.
  • The hanging cells and wheelbarrows are lootable.
  • Sneaking in the Undercroft will reveal traps, and may allow the player to disarm them.
  • The quest can be completed with minimal combat. Only the Dremora before the forge, Vaekar, the guards in The Prophet's Cell, and the Child of Bones must be killed.
  • The Vestige's Cell, The Bleeding Forge, and The Prophet's Cell are separated from other players, meaning that those areas are completed alone.
  • Jumping into the central area of the Anchor Mooring (before activating the rift) will result in a flash of white and return the Vestige to the ground nearby, instead of dying.
  • This quest is unique in that it rewards a Skyshard (given towards end of quest).


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  • Lyris may appear floating in the air off of the ramp leading to the Sentinel after destroying it, making it impossible to talk to her and advance the quest.
    • Jumping towards her may force her to spawn in the correct location. Alternatively, logging out and back in may also resolve this.



  1. Dialogue with Lyris Titanborn