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Soul Trap is a spell effect in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


To capture a soul, an empty Soul Gem (of the appropriate level or higher) is needed. Cast the 'Soul Trap' spell on the target, and slay it before the duration of the spell runs out. If done correctly, the soul will be trapped in the first appropriate Soul Gem available in the inventory.

When a creature or character is defeated before the spell has expired, a message will appear on the screen:

  • If an appropriate Soul gem is in the inventory, the message will be "Soul captured!"
  • If there is no empty gem, or no gem of a high enough level, the message will state that, and the spell has failed.

If the spell expires before the creature dies, or fails in some other way, there is no message.

If a Soul Gem of the appropriate level is not in the inventory (if there is no small enough stone available) a larger stone will be used instead, effectively wasting the larger gem as the majority of Soul Gems are not reusable. One reusable soul gem, the Daedric artifact Azura's star, can be found.

If the soul captured is smaller than the Soul Gem was intended for simply drop the Soul Gem on the ground and pick it back up to clear the soul from within it.

For more information on how to obtain and utilize captured souls, see Soul Gem.

Spell listEdit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Mastery Level
Soul Trap Captures a creature's dying soul. 0 20 Touch 0 Apprentice
Greater Soul Trap Captures a creature's dying soul. 0 30 Self 0 Journeyman
Superior Soul Trap Captures the souls of all adjacent creatures. 0 120 Self 10 Expert
Legendary Soul Trap Captures the souls of all nearby creatures. 0 60 Self 20 Master


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