Soulrender is a unique scimitar found in Dragonborn that is more effective when dual-wielded with Bloodscythe.


The blade, along with Bloodscythe, was once wielded by the legendary pirate king, Haknir Death-Brand. Upon his death, he cursed the blades before they were buried with him in Gyldenhul Barrow on Solstheim.[1]


Found by the skeletal remains of Haknir Death-Brand in Gyldenhul Barrow at the conclusion of the quest "Deathbrand." Entrance to the tomb requires an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe as Stalhrim covers the entrance.


The enchantment will only work if Soulrender is dual wielded with Bloodscythe. The charge of each weapon is independent of each other. If Bloodscythe is not wielded, Soulrender still loses charge though no enchanted effect will be being applied.

If one wears gear or a combination of gear that gives the enchantment effect "Fortify Destruction" 100%, Soulrender will still lose charge, while Bloodscythe will not.


Wielding both Soulrender and Bloodscythe for dual wielded bonus will give light armor wearers a powerful match to the Deathbrand Armor set. The armor increases damage done with one-handed weapons for each piece of Deathbrand Armor equipped, up to a maximum of 40% when dual wielding, as well as giving an armor boost to make up for the lack of a shield.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   The Soulrender will fit on weapon or shield racks, but Bloodscythe will not. This also occurs within the Skyrim Special Edition.



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