South Skybound Watch is a Nordic tower in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It is a ruined Nordic tower located on the mountain south of Riverwood in the Falkreath Hold region. The tower can be reached by following a path leading from the main road just east of Helgen's eastern gate, or by passing through Skybound Watch Pass from North Skybound Watch.

The tower is mostly destroyed with wooden stairs leading to what remains of the top lookout point. There is a door on the ground floor which leads to Skybound Watch Pass. There may be a Wispmother near the entrance of the tower.

Notable items

There is a chest at the top of the tower and a light armor helmet on the table on the second floor of the tower.



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  •  PS3   The Wispmother located near the entrance may remain frozen in place, along with her nearby Wisps. They cannot be interacted with, nor will they attack the Dragonborn.
    •  PS3(Fix)   Approach the Wisps behind her and sprint into them, or attack them, at which point the Wispmother will attack as normal.
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