Sparking the Flame is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Daggerfall Covenant arrived in Bleakrock Village and set it on fire. First, the Vestige must warn the mainland, then the Earth-Turner family and the rest of the villagers need to be saved.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Part 1Edit

  1. Light the Signal Fire
  2. Talk to Tillrani Snow-Bourne

Part 2Edit

  1. Take the bucket of water
  2. Extinguish the House Fire
    1. Save Denskar
    2. Save Aera
    3. Save Littrek
    4. Save Trynhild
  3. Talk to Captain Rana


Follow the compass to the signal tower. Climb to the top and light the signal fire. Head back to town and Tillrani will be found slouched by one of the entrance gates on the left.

She will order the player to save the villagers trapped in the burning buildings. First follow the compass to the well. Use the bucket and then follow the compass directions to each building in turn. Throw water on the door then go inside to rescue the inhabitant. Repeat for the other villagers.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon

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